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Support strategies for retaining customers

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Hosted By
Kaitlin Pettersen
Global Director of Customer Support, Intercom
Tom Ronen
Head of Customer Success,
45 min

Support strategies for retaining customers

Staying connected with and retaining your customers is crucial to your business's health – and in today's environment, support teams have a bigger role to play than ever. Customers are increasingly looking to support teams for information, guidance, and relief.

Join us for a roundtable discussion with Kaitlin Pettersen, Intercom’s Director of Customer Support, and Tom Ronen,’s Head of Customer Success, on what support teams can do to reassure customers and bolster retention.

You’ll hear from Kaitlin and Tom about:

  • What they're doing to prevent and reduce customer churn.

  • How they're assisting customers in difficult financial situations.

  • What changes they've made to their teams' workflows and objectives. 

  • How they're working with product, sales, and marketing to drive retention. 

We invite you to ask questions and share your own experiences during the roundtable. The roundtable is hosted by Dee Reddy from Intercom.

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