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Turn customer insights into actions with Surveys

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Hosted By
Shilpi Agrawal
Product Manager, Intercom
Zoe Sinnott
Product Manager, Intercom
Brian Byrne
Product Education Manager, Intercom

Turn customer insights into actions with Surveys

Learn how to get more from the data you collect with this best practice / Q&A session on Intercom's new Surveys feature.

Join the Intercom team for an in-depth session about our powerful new Surveys message type, and rejoice in the fact that you no longer have to use external tools to survey your customers. Finally, all your messages can be sent from one place.

This webinar consists of:

  • A feature demo using examples of real-life surveys we use at Intercom

  • Best practices and tips on how to increase your response rates

  • Collecting first-party data to improve your targeting, tailor onboarding, drive stronger product adoption and engagement

  • Reaching customers in-app and on mobile for optimimum engagement

  • Sneak peak look at some features we'll be adding to surveys soon

  • And we'll set aside plenty of time for your Q&A too!

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