Join us for an exclusive webinar for Interconnected members!

Learn how you can better utilise Series for your business!

Tune in for a best practice / Q&A session on how to create targeted, effective, and timely campaigns using Series.

Learn how to connect all your channels while building cohesive messaging using our visual campaign tool.

This webinar is a chance to engage with the teams who use this feature daily and get their insight into how you can take advantage of Series using Intercom.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why Series is the best tool to send marketing messages due to our multi-channel approach.

  • Learn how to connect all your channels including Emails, Chatbots, Product Tours, Banners and In-product messaging

  • How to create a Series in Intercom along with some best practices and real-life examples of how we use them.

  • And an 'ask me anything' section where you can submit questions to the team, and we'll answer and workshop them live.