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CS Benchmarks revisited: How companies are betting big on customer experience?

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Hosted By
Scott Tran
Founder, Support Driven
Senior Manager, Customer Support, Intercom
Julia Kalysh
Head Of Customer Support,
Martin Kõiva
Founder & CEO, Klaus
60 min

CS Benchmarks revisited: How companies are betting big on customer experience?

At a time when your customer-facing interactions are more impactful than ever, it’s not good enough to provide “good enough” support; you need to provide high-quality experiences, every time.

Investing in the quality of your customer support experience is one of the most powerful ways to grow your company, but every company’s definition of “quality” is different.

Earlier in 2021, Intercom, Klaus, and Support Driven published the first ever Customer Support Quality Benchmark report. As we are getting closer to the end of the year, it is time to revisit some of these numbers and compare them with recent changes, trends and take a sneak peek to 2022.

Watch this session and get recommendations from practitioners on how to close the gap between customers and businesses:

  • Why support operations should not be seen as a cost centre but a valuable link between customers and the product, sales, marketing, and other departments.

  • How to make sure that you are measuring things that will actually help your customer support team to grow further.

  • How to balance human conversations with tech and automation.

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