Join us for Inter/Views, a virtual fireside chat series dedicated to the topics you care about in the SaaS space and beyond. From pain points to potential, hear how Intercom partners are adapting to global changes—and how they’re planning for the future.

For our first Inter/View, we’re sitting down with Christiannah Oyedeji, Head of Business Development at Calendly, to talk about the unique challenges managers face when leading a remote team. Christiannah will share how Calendly is navigating this new remote workforce, and share with us what steps all managers can take to run a more effective remote team. 

Find out:

  • How to make your remote team meetings more collaborative

  • What steps you should take when a remote team is not effective

  • What the future of remote teams looks like

About Christiannah Oyedeji

Christiannah Oyedeji leads Scaled GTM, Strategic Partnerships, and Business Development as Head of Business Development at Calendly. She previously ran Partnerships and Integrations at Mailchimp and loves leading running her startup Trymyfab in her spare time. Christiannah is passionate about leveraging the power of technology to create meaningful value-focused organizational and individual solutions and opportunities. 

About Calendly 

Calendly, a powerful yet simple automated scheduling tool, takes the work out of connecting with others so you can accomplish more. Millions of users benefit from an enjoyable scheduling experience, more time to spend on top priorities and flexibility to accommodate individual users and large teams alike