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Inter/Views: strategic marketing in a changing world

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Hosted By
Francis Brero
Co-founder & CRO, MadKudu
Megan Killion
Senior Account Executive, Intercom
30 min

Inter/Views: strategic marketing in a changing world

Join us for Inter/Views, a virtual fireside chat series dedicated to the topics you care about in the SaaS space and beyond. From pain points to potential, hear how Intercom partners are adapting to global changes—and how they’re planning for the future.

In the third and final episode of the Inter/Views series, we’re chatting with Francis Brero, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at MadKudu. For the past 10 years, Francis has helped marketing teams increase sales with the use of customer data. His years of experience led him to advise marketing strategies and tactics at companies like Slack, Shopify and IBM. 

In this 30-minute chat, Francis will explain how MadKudu shifted its marketing strategy to adapt to new times—and what marketing trends he foresees on the back of the pandemic. He’ll also share MadKudu’s vision of driving revenue marketing movement with its recent Series A funding.

Find out:

  • What you can do as a marketing leader to adapt your marketing strategy while maintaining stakeholder relationships?

  • What MadKudu’s biggest challenges have been during Covid-19

  • What this means for the future of marketing plans 

About MadKudu

MadKudu is an actionable lead scoring platform for marketing teams looking to create frictionless B2B customer journeys. With MadKudu in Intercom, focus on the customers and leads that matter most to your business. MadKudu instantly scores customers and leads and gives you valuable signal data so your sales and support reps can prioritize their time and attention without leaving Intercom.

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