Join us for Inter/Views, a virtual fireside chat series dedicated to the topics you care about in the SaaS space and beyond. From pain points to potential, hear how Intercom partners are adapting to global changes—and how they’re planning for the future.

In this episode, we catch up with highly regarded B2B content marketer, Geoffrey Keating. Before joining Segment, where he currently serves as Managing Editor, Geoffrey helped to grow Intercom's blog readership to 150,000 per month. 

He'll share with us how he's using data to build Segment's content strategy—and what lessons he's learned from the pandemic. 

Find out:

  • How Segment used data to make informed marketing decisions during the pandemic

  • Why data-driven marketing has become more important than ever

About Geoffrey Keating

Geoffrey leads content marketing at Segment, the world's #1 customer data platform. He's passionate about all things martech, SaaS, and startups.

About Segment 

Segment is a customer data platform that helps every team access clean and reliable customer data to make real-time decisions, accelerate growth, and personalize experiences.