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Articles improvements

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Shared by Lorenzo • February 09, 2023

We've made several important improvements to the Articles editing experience, to help you create self-service content efficiently.

  • Auto-save articles: your articles will now auto-save while you're writing.
  • Resize images: now you can resize images directly in the Articles editor.
  • Highlight content with call-out blocks: add call-out block to emphasize an important part of your article.
  • Align text: adapt the appearance of your articles text with the new text alignment feature.
  • More headers: we have added two new H3 and H4 headers levels to help you create more granular sections.
  • Attach files: attach any documents or files you want to your articles to help educate your customers.
  • Embed videos from more sources: you can now embed videos from JWPlayers, Microsoft Stream, BrightCove, Synthesia.