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Intercom Surveys has 3 updates 🎉 - Advanced Reporting, Branching Logic, and mobile survey codes

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Shared by Sonia • May 24, 2022

Since the release of Surveys in March, over 1.25 million users have been reached! We’re seeing Surveys helping our customers understand and get closer to their customers. To continue this momentum, we’ve built three new exciting Survey features.

Advanced Reporting for Surveys: Unlock powerful insights faster than ever before by slicing and dicing your survey responses using all your customer data within Intercom. Segment your NPS® scores by region, churn reasons by subscription type, and more - enabling you to better understand your customers and quickly take action.

  • The days of exporting, formatting, and importing survey data are over - easily access all collected survey data in one place
  • Run your NPS® surveys and follow-up workflows via Intercom. Plus, with our new NPS® reporting, drill-down even further to understand the scores
  • Visualize and explore collected data with ease by customizing your time frame and filtering based on user and company attributes to unlock new customer insights
  • Leverage insights alongside Intercom's rich customer data to automate targeted messages, tours, campaigns, and more

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Branching Logic: Design responsive surveys - sending customers down different paths depending on their answers to previous questions.

  • With simple if, then statements, change the flow of your survey based on a customers’ answers
  • Experience higher response rates by showing questions that resonate more with your customers
  • Respect your customers’ time - only ask questions that are important to them
  • Encourage your customers to take action by displaying contextual and compelling thank you messages and next steps

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Triggering Surveys via code in your mobile app: Launch surveys from a button anywhere in your mobile app. Choose where you want to engage with users easily and in-context to capture relevant feedback.

  • Get in-context feedback from users wherever they are inside your mobile app
  • Users can easily take the survey natively in your mobile app with a simple click of a button
  • Persistent survey buttons enable users to choose when to take a survey
  • Depending on your mobile app design and users’ journeys, choose where you would like the survey to be triggered in your mobile app

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