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Increase your Inbox efficiency by 43% by using new macros to complete multiple actions with one click 💫 📥 💥

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Shared by Mary • March 25, 2021

We’ve made saved replies into an even bigger efficiency driver for your team– so much so that we’ve given it a new name.

With macros (formerly known as saved replies), you can apply not just pre-written responses but common Inbox actions too. This significantly reduces the manual steps your team needs to complete while ensuring customers get the fast, consistent support they expect. It’s a win-win.

👉Speed up resolution time by completing multiple actions at once. With macros you can group common actions together– like tag, assign, snooze, close, add a conversation data attribute– and apply them with one click in conversations or internal notes. To save even more time, you can bulk apply macros too

👉Enhance your team’s experience by eliminating tedious tasks. You can reduce the number of manual actions your team needs to do for every conversation. With all that time and energy saved, teammates can better focus on what they love most– solving problems and helping customers.

👉Ensure great, consistent support across your team by standardizing workflows. When you create macros for common workflows, you make it easier for teammates to always take the right actions, at the right time. To keep your macros organized– and ensure they can be discovered quickly– you will be able to restrict access by team, or make them private (coming soon).

Ready to get started with macros? Hop on over to your inbox to try it now. If you’re looking for more inspiration, read our best practices article, or share your own on Interconnected.