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Link tooltips in email conversations

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Shared by Andrea • March 01, 2024

From today you will see tooltips for links in inbound emails to make it easier for you to preview them. Images will also contain a link icon to make it more obvious that they're linked.

Where links are trusted (Intercom owned domains) the link icon and tooltips will appear on a white background.

When untrusted, they’ll appear on an orange background, and you’ll see a warning icon instead of a link icon. You’ll also see an orange overlay on top of the image that will disappear on hover, allowing you to see the full image.

When clicking on an untrusted link, you’ll see a quick warning page. This page shows you the full URL of the link and ensures you’re able to review the full link before opening it.

These changes should make it easier to spot links in inbound emails and check for any malicious or phishing URLs.