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Improved Custom Answers ⭐️

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Shared by Julia • June 07, 2024

We have made two new improvements to Custom Answers.

We have introduced a new answer ending type to Custom Answers — “End answer”, which allows you to simply end the Custom Answer, rather than passing the conversation to a teammate, creating a ticket or ending the conversation.

With this, you can:

  • Seamlessly transition from a Custom Answer to an AI Answer (or another Custom Answer) if your customer has another question
  • Add a reusable bot to the end Custom Answer, without having to use one of the existing Custom Answer ending options

Custom Answers are a great way of guiding your customers through troubleshooting. With this new improvement, you can enable Fin to do more complex troubleshooting for specific topics or issues.

We have also improved the matching system behind Custom Answers, meaning that Custom Answers only get triggered when needed. This has improved the precision of Custom Answers whilst increasing Fin’s AI Answer rate, resulting in a proved increase in the overall Resolution Rate for all customers using Custom Answers as a standalone or alongside AI Answers.