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May 15, 2020

Introducing improved single sign-on and easier teammate onboarding ⚙️🔒

Streamline workspace setup and teammate onboarding with new single sign-on (SSO) configurations, Okta and OneLogin integrations, Just-in-Time provisioning, and more!

Faster and simpler SAML SSO setup

New self-service settings make it easier for admins to configure SAML SSO and manage approved login methods for teammates. The new configuration works for most Identity Providers. We also built two out-of-the-box integrations for Okta and OneLogin to make configuration with those providers even easier.

Automate Intercom account creation and invites with Just-in-Time provisioning

If enabled during SAML SSO setup, teammates can create accounts and redeem workspace invites seamlessly and securely with one-click.

Visit our help doc to learn more about configuring SAML SSO or Just-in-Time provisioning.

Davey Heuser
Paul Murphy
Una Kehoe
Gabriel Anca Corral
Marin Martinic
Matthew Murray
Alex Passant
Enzo Avigo
Product Manager

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