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Conversational Support

The future of customer support is conversational

Deliver efficient, world-class customer support at any scale. It’s all possible with our industry-leading Business Messenger and the new Conversational Support Funnel.

  • Human


    Quickly resolve complex issues one-on-one.

  • Selfserve


    Answer repetitive questions automatically.

  • Proactive


    Get ahead of known problems before customers reach out.

30,000+ companies are delivering conversational experiences with Intercom

Putting the funnel to work for you

Human support: finally, personalized customer care that's efficient for your team

No more choosing between an efficient team and great customer care. Our tools offer the power and flexibility you need to provide personalized, human support to more customers—in less time.

Self-serve support: a smarter way to scale

It's simple to resolve 33% of repetitive questions instantly with tools like Resolution Bot—or to further empower customers to self-serve with contextual articles.

Proactive support: help—before it's needed

By addressing known issues proactively, you can provide customers with a delightful experience that keeps them coming back. We're here to help with tools like Product Tours, Mobile Carousels, and Outbound Messages.

  • Darius Grigorjevas, Head of Customer Service at Hostinger
    Since implementing Intercom, our response time has gone from 2 hours to under 2 minutes. Our CSAT score has risen to 95%—and continues to rise.
    Darius Grigorjevas
    Head of Customer Service, Hostinger
  • Nick Sayers, VP of Customer Success at Biteable
    Since we started using Intercom to onboard users and send success messages, we’ve seen our customer churn rate drop by 5 percentage points.
    Nick Sayers
    VP of Customer Success, Biteable