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Hit your marketing goals with engaging email automation

Easily segment, target, and personalize your messages using rich behavioral data and attributes.

Test your way to the best message

Improve performance by A/B testing against variants to find a winner and use control groups to measure the impact.

Optimize Messages Image
Optimize email messages to hit your goals
  • Know how each message performs

    View open, click, and reply rates, and track the true performance of a message all the way to a goal.

  • Export data for more in-depth analysis

    Export message performance data in a given time period to a CSV file and via our API.

  • Target audiences with live segmentation

    Target the right people even as things change using stored behavioral and customer data.

Find the right message template for the job

Choose from an array of message styles optimized for conversations, announcements, and quick tips—no developer required.

Mobile Carousels
Meet your customers where they are
  • A direct line to customers

    Send automated in-product and website messages to connect with people when they are most ready to engage.

  • Online, in-product, wherever

    Engage leads and users with automated and one-off emails, and use push notifications to connect with and retain mobile app users.

  • Go beyond just text

    Send images, videos, apps, and emoji to tell your story and drive action in the most powerful way possible.

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