The fastest growing companies choose Intercom over Drift to drive revenue

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Unity converts 45% more visitors into paying customers

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Salesloft increased pipeline 8X

18 days

Tradeshift shortened their sales cycle by 18 days

“We’re now converting 25% of leads to paid subscriptions that come through live chat and 30% of paid signups can be attributed to Intercom.”
Mitch Skolnik

Director of Operations, Elegant Themes

Don’t take our word for it.

Our customers have spoken for us to help solidify our spot as a Leader in the G2 Crowd Grid for Conversational Marketing.

Looking for Drift alternatives?

Here are three reasons to consider Intercom

Better Bots

Our bots do more than just book meetings

Higher Conversion

Use apps to deliver the best next step for visitors, trialists, and customers

Consistent Experience

Just one solution to communicate with customers across the entire lifecycle

Our bots do more than just book meetings

The best companies realize that crafting a world-class customer experience builds sustainable growth. Use Intercom’s intelligent bots at every stage of the customer lifecycle to automatically book more demos, upsell trial users, and answer frequently asked questions.

Video Bots

4x customer engagement by combining video with bot-powered automation.

Answer Bot

Let your team focus on selling by automating answers to your customers’ most common questions.

Custom Bots

Your bots work all day every day – starting conversations with website visitors or trial users, asking the right questions and delivering the most qualified leads right to you.

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“Bots enable us to increase user engagement, accelerate our lead efficiency and create a more consistent customer experience from when a visitor first comes to our site all the way to when they are a customer who needs support.”
Gabi Goldberg

Marketing Manager, Snapt

Use apps to deliver the best next step for visitors, trialists, and customers

Whether your website visitors are ready to buy or need to be nurtured for the long term, Intercom is the only customer messaging platform with over 100+ apps that drive conversion across the entire customer lifecycle

Get A Demo App

Link directly to your calendar – on any online scheduling tool – so that VIP leads can book a demo with you right away

Zoom Webinar, Content Showcase, and Newsletter Apps

For visitors not ready to buy, nurture them for the long term by having them sign up for your newsletter or webinar

Google Analytics App

Track visitor interactions with your Messenger and properly attribute the performance of it throughout the funnel

Learn more about how Intercom helps Marketing and Sales teams

Intercom complements your existing Sales and Marketing Stack

With more than 100 pre-built apps, a flexible API and free developer workspaces, Intercom fits neatly into what’s already working for you and your team.

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One solution to communicate with your customers across the entire customer lifecycle

You’ve done the hard work driving prospects to your site, talk to sales, and eventually start a trial or pilot. But what happens after they log-in? Or when they become a customer? With Intercom, you only need one solution across your entire customer experience to convert prospects to power users.

Proactively engage your most active customers

Sales never stops. Use Intercom to identify customers with upsell potential to arm your Account Managers with qualified pipeline.

Sales and support, now under the same roof

Automatically triage support and sales conversations and collaborate with full context to resolve customer issues quickly.

Automate trial and upgrade conversion

Run automated, multi-channel lifecycle marketing campaigns to convert more trials and cross-sell existing customers.

Delight your customers with real-time support

Use our messenger, bots, and knowledge base to provide a seamless support and self-service experience that makes happier customers.

“With Intercom, we’ve seen 30% revenue growth quarter over quarter and now we’re rolling it out across the entire customer lifecycle.”
Yvonne Chen

VP of Marketing, Udemy for Business

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