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Preparing your content for AI

Get ready for AI bots by getting your help content in shape. The more simple, straightforward, and comprehensive your articles are, the easier it will be for AI bots to consume them. These videos share practical tips for updating your help content for AI.

Avoid ambiguity

When preparing your help content for Intercom's AI bot, Fin, it's important to use simple language and avoid ambiguity. Fin is based on a language model, so you want to equip it with the clearest language possible.

Restate questions

When getting your help content ready for AI, it’s important to restate questions. You don’t need to do a question-answer pair, but write as if you’re doing a radio interview and you don’t want to be quoted out of context.

Use rich formatting

It’s important to add structure to your articles so that they are optimized to be read by AI. The lack of headers, logical formatting or streamlined text can make it difficult for both customers and Fin to scan content for the right information.

Add text explanations to articles with media

Unfortunately, AI chatbots can’t watch videos or describe what’s being shown in screenshots (yet). So it’s important to add text explanations to back up your content.