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Guide your customers to success with our new Checklists features

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Shared by Alina • March 09, 2023

Our new features are designed to streamline your onboarding process by making it easier for your customers to complete all necessary checklist steps.

Remind customers about checklists
Nudge customers to complete their checklists by sending timely automated reminders when they’re in the product at a cadence that makes sense for your use case (see image above).

✅ Auto-resolve steps based on company data
Set up auto-resolve of checklists steps based on company data that you're tracking in Intercom. Once a step has been finished by one person, it will be marked as completed for everyone who is part of the company. If you sell to businesses, this will make onboarding groups of team members easier, as they will be able to pick up checklists where others have left off.

📮 See checklists progress from the Inbox
Give frontline teams context on how customers are progressing with their checklists in the Inbox to help them understand where they are in the onboarding journey so that they can offer them more support and guidance. To enable, just select Checklists from the list of apps available in the next-gen Inbox.

To learn more about Checklists, check out this article.