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Checklists are a new type of in-product message that allow you to deliver contextual and personalized lists of tasks to customers using your product and encourage them to take actions.

They’re a great way to onboard customers into your product, drive adoption and engagement of features, and get existing customers to discover new ways to get value from your product.

Key features

Delivered via the Messenger

Checklists open in a dedicated Tasks space in the latest version of the Messenger. Customers can navigate back to a Checklist at any time by clicking on this space.

Notify customers automatically about new Checklists to complete using rules, or share your Checklist with customers proactively both in and outside of your product.

Launch a Product Tour

Product Tours that are connected to a Checklist step action via a Smart Link will automatically open the tour on the URL taken from “Share your tour everywhere”.

Open an Article

Articles that are connected to a Checklist step action via a Smart Link will automatically open the article in the expanded view. The back button in the article will take the customer directly back to the Checklist.

Mark tasks as complete

Once a customer marks a task as completed, the step animates into a resolved state and the next task is automatically opened. It’s not possible to unresolve a task that was marked as completed.

Auto-resolve options

Steps that auto-resolve based on customer behavior are likely to have higher and more accurate completion rates. In addition to automatically resolving steps based on user triggered product events, you can resolve steps based on user attributes, event attributes and Product Tour engagement.

The best data to use depends on the nature of the action you want them to take. Examples include:

  • If they completed a Product Tour.

  • If they triggered a product event a certain number of times or within a certain timeframe.

  • If a user attribute value meets certain conditions.

You can also apply multiple rule conditions and specify whether customers should meet some or all of these.

Checklists in Series

Add Checklists to Series and define journeys based on whether or not customers have completed important milestones.

This means you could send periodic reminders to customers who haven’t completed their Checklist, or send customers who have completed their Checklist another Checklist to help them discover more value from your product.

Sharing Checklists

There are several ways to share your Checklists with customers both inside and outside of your product.

You could trigger them automatically using rules when customers are in your product, or send Checklists by generating a shareable link and including that link in another message such as an email.

You can also trigger a Checklist from a Tooltip or Product Tour using a Smart Link, or via Intercom’s Javascript API using the ID provided when creating a Checklist.

A Tasks App for Messenger Home

Prompt customers who have Checklists to complete by enabling the new Tasks App in your Messenger Settings. The card will show on the Messenger Home space for customers who have a Checklist that hasn’t been completed.

Embed rich media into Checklist steps

Add images, videos, or gif thumbnails into your Checklist steps to help customers learn and take actions in context. Video Clips will be shown in standard view, while Embedded videos can be played in an expanded full-screen view.

Note: The expanded full-screen view is only available for Embedded videos and is not currently available for Video Clips.

See checklists progress from the Help Desk

See how customers have progressed through a Checklist when you're having a conversation with them. The Checklists app can be pinned to the Details pane in the Help Desk through the edit apps menu.

Step level reporting metrics

Get an overview of how customers are engaging with your Checklist using reporting, so you can understand which steps are performing well and which could be optimized to drive higher engagement.

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