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Introducing Custom Actions and Custom Objects in bots

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Shared by LeighAnne • June 22, 2022

With Custom Actions and Custom Objects our bots just got a whole lot smarter - by letting you integrate and flexibly store more of your customer data you can now answer more questions entirely through Custom Bots and Resolution Bot. This means you can solve common queries that require data from other systems and use automation to answer questions like:

  • I need to change my delivery date
  • What's my latest gas meter reading?
  • When will I get paid?

You'll benefit from quicker resolution times and shorter support queues, while your customers can more easily self-serve their query and avoid the frustrating wait for an agent.

Custom Actions: Build no-code integrations to show or take action on information in external systems, without needing to invest significant R&D resources.

Custom Objects: A flexible way to model your customer data in a way that makes sense for your business, helping you create more contextual and effective campaigns.

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