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Optimize your support strategy with the Conversational Support Funnel report 📊

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Shared by Sonia • October 27, 2021

With the new Conversational Support Funnel report, you can see how proactive, self-serve, and human support are performing for your business so you can understand exactly where to invest your resources for maximum impact. With this new report, you can:

  • Gain an all up view of how the funnel is performing to quickly see which support methods are resolving the most queries and delivering the biggest return on investment.
  • Find out where you should invest your resources based on which parts of the funnel or specific channels are the highest performing.
  • See how your current performance compares to the past so you can spot whether key metrics are trending in the right direction or if a specific part of the funnel needs attention.

To learn more about this new report, visit our help center.