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Knowledge Hub: Power AI, agents, and customers with the right content, every time 🎓

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Shared by Ahmad • June 27, 2024

Introducing the Knowledge Hub: a modern, centralized knowledge management system that makes it easy to manage, optimize, and configure all of the content that powers human agents, AI Agents, and self-serve support.

Inside the Knowledge Hub you can:

  • Get complete oversight of every piece of support content powering Fin AI Agent, Fin AI Copilot and your help center.
  • Sync or import your internal support content from external platforms such as Guru, Confluence and Notion in minutes.
  • Create and publish articles; for your public help center and AI Agent, and internal articles which are only visible to employees and AI Copilot.
  • Organise your support content into folders for ease of management.
  • Configure exactly which content can be used by Fin AI Agent and Fin AI Copilot to generate answers.
  • Use bulk actions to configure content for AI or your help center at scale, or as you publish new content.

Any customers using the content hub of Fin AI Agent to manage and configure content will have this information automatically transferred over to the Knowledge Hub.

All customers now have access to Knowledge Hub regardless of the plan they are on!