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Knowledge Hub explained
Knowledge Hub explained

Start managing and organizing your internal and external support to power AI, agents and self-serve support.

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The Knowledge Hub is a modern, centralized knowledge management system that makes it easy to manage, optimize, and configure all of the content that powers human agents, AI Agents, and self-serve support.

Manage and store all of your support content

The Knowledge Hub allows you to manage and store all your support content in one central place. Simply go to Knowledge > Sources to get started.

Create, sync, or import content from external sources

You can create content natively in Intercom, or choose to sync or import content from your existing external sources:

See an overview of content types you can create in Intercom and when to use them.

Power Fin and self-serve support

With all knowledge living in one place, you can easily decide which content you want to enable for:

  • Fin AI Agent to resolve customer questions instantly,

  • Fin AI Copilot to use when supporting teammates internally, and

  • Help Center where your customers can search and self-serve information.

All of your Help Center articles and any content you’ve previously added to Fin AI Agent will automatically be accessible in the Knowledge Hub.

Manage audience targeting for different content types

When using content with Fin AI Agent, you can configure custom audiences which target the right content at the right customer.

Organize your content into folders

All folders will appear in alphabetical order on the left sidebar of the Content page in the Knowledge Hub, and you can create new ones with up to 10 sub-folders to organize your content the way you want to.

Search, filter, and take bulk actions

Finding information has never been easier with a universal search available across all of your content, and filters to make your search narrower. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, quickly select the content and take bulk actions, including:

  • Change AI Copilot state

  • Change AI Agent state

  • Move to folder

  • Change audience

  • Change Help Center status

  • Change language

Manage teammate access and permissions

All teammates in your workspace will have access to find and view content in the Knowledge Hub, but if you want to restrict who can create, edit and manage content - you can with Help Center and Knowledge Hub permissions.

Permissions for public articles are currently managed separately through Help Center Articles. Any Help Center Articles permissions you have will also apply to the Knowledge Hub.

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