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Outbound messaging
June 10, 2020

See how changes to your Chats, Posts, and Push messages affects performance over time📈

Introducing message versioning for chats, posts, and push messages! 🎉 See how changes you’ve made to your messages impacts performance over time.

Any changes to the content, audience, goal, or schedule of a chat, post, or push message that are set live are now stored as their own version in Intercom, along with the name of the editor and the date/time the changes were made.

To see the version history of a message, simply click the version number at the top of any chat, post, or push message, and you’ll see all versions in the ‘Message history’ sidebar.

Selecting a version will populate the content and performance of that specific version.

Use this new data to understand what performs well, and what doesn’t, so you can continue to optimize your messages.


  • Any time you edit the content, audience, goal, or schedule and set the message live, it will be stored as a new version
  • Version history will not be retroactively applied to your existing messages. You will only be able to see versions for messages that are created or edited and set live after June 10th, 2020

To learn more, check out this article.

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