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Resolve 50% of your support questions with our AI Chatbot

Meet Fin, a breakthrough AI chatbot from Intercom. Using the most sophisticated AI language models, Fin automatically solves customer issues with safe, accurate, conversational answers based solely on your support content.

Automate conversations with the power of AI

Reduce support volumes and increase customer satisfaction in minutes with Intercom’s AI-powered chatbot.

  • Dramatically reduce your support volume

    Fin uses the most sophisticated AI technology to deliver safe, accurate answers that resolve customer questions and reduce your team’s ticket volume instantly.

  • An AI bot you can trust

    Built-in safeguards ensure Fin answers questions based solely on your support content, and Fin conversations in inbox lets your team monitor all of Fin's responses.

  • Activate in minutes

    Just point it at your content—whether it’s Intercom Articles, Zendesk Help Center, or any public URL—and turn it on. No training, no configuration, no new bot paths.

  • Control when you want it, human when you need it

    Enrich Fin with Custom Answers for important questions. For everything else, Fin seamlessly passes conversations to your support team.

  • [Paid] [Fin] Conversational
    A true natural language bot, Fin can understand complex queries, ask clarifying questions, and fully converse with your customers.
  • [Paid] [Fin] Answers from multiple sources
    Answers from multiple sources
    From Intercom Articles, Zendesk Help Center, or any public URL, Fin can ingest content from multiple sources at once. Instantly.
  • [Paid] [Fin] Question routing
    Question routing
    Fin can triage complex problems and seamlessly pass them to your human support teams—so your customers get the best possible experience.
  • [Paid] [Fin] AI-powered Inbox
    AI-powered Inbox
    When Fin passes complex problems to human support teams, reps can instantly generate replies, and recap conversations for other agents.
  • [Paid] [Fin] Omnichannel
    Fin can effortlessly keep conversations going wherever your customers are—Intercom Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and more.
  • [Paid] [Fin] Multilingual
    Fin will automatically detect a customer’s language and resolve issues in any of the 43 languages that Intercom currently supports.
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Fin delivers great customer experiences. Instantly.

“The numbers speak for themselves. We’re seeing a 50% resolution rate with Fin, which is pretty amazing!”

Ben Peak, Director of Technical Support
Trusted by 25k+ businesses

Trusted by 25k+ businesses

The only AI customer service solution you need

Intercom goes beyond Fin. It’s an AI-powered customer service platform that combines an AI chatbot, help desk, and proactive support—so you can keep costs low, support teams happy, and customers satisfied.