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Fin helps a Hospitable host to schedule messagesHere, a host on the short-term rental platform Hospitable wants to schedule messages to send to new reservations, but doesn’t know how. Fin immediately understands and provides a step-by-step guide and links the host to the source of the information in Hospitable’s help center.

With Fin, Hospitable has been able to dramatically reduce response times without the need to significantly increase team headcount.
The Results
500Backlogged queries resolved instantly
95%Response time reduction
30%Resolution rate

Fin helps a FlowSavvy user to find a completed taskHere, Fin correctly interprets why a completed task disappeared and explains how to find it. Fin provides the link to a help center article and checks that their question has been answered satisfactorily.

FlowSavvy uses Fin’s instant, accurate answers (based on their support content) to enable their team to spend more time working on improving their product.

Fin helps a Deliverect customer set holiday datesThis restaurant owner wants to close for a few days, so Fin walks them through ten steps to set up a holiday on digital food ordering platform, Deliverect. As always Fin shares the source so the customer can learn more about how to solve the problem should they need to.

Fin helps Deliverect’s customers to self-serve and their agents to take time back for improving content and processes.
The Results
35%Of issues resolved

Fin helps a ChickenGuard owner solve a technical issueHere, a customer is having trouble with one of ChickenGuard’s automatic doors for chicken coops as the buttons are exhibiting unexpected behavior (up is down and down is up). Fin provides two different solutions—for two different door models—and explains how to get it working properly again.

ChickenGuard customers now self-serve for technical support that would have previously gone to an agent.
The Results
62%Self-serve rate

Fin helps a ProspectSoft customer generate a sales reportHere, a user wants to generate a sales report and Fin’s initial response wasn’t quite right for them. They ask for an alternative way to solve the problem and Fin quickly delivers a step-by-step guide.

ProspectSoft uses Fin for all their customer conversations, leading to faster first response times and more time for agents to focus on complex issues.

Fin helps a business owner find the right benefits planHere, a business owner wants a plan that enables their employees to split their funds between different types of benefits. Fin quickly finds the relevant plan, explains how that plan works, and directs a business owner to get in touch if they want to discuss further.

Thanks to Fin, myHSA is able to provide a more detailed service to the customers that speak with their agents.