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Support customers personally at scale with Intercom’s help desk

Help customers as a team via in-app or website chat, email, and social - all in one place.

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Our help desk product at-a-glance

Team inbox
Manage support requests from all channels in one place
Automated Workflows
Spend time solving problems, not doing repetitive tasks
Live chat
A fluid, fast, and fun support experience for everyone
Actionable Insights
See your team’s performance, spot trends and plan ahead

Move fast and stay personal

A collaborative team inbox provides all the context you need to support customers faster and smarter.

Live customer profiles
Reduce back-and-forth with relevant information like browser, plan and activity.
Real-time updates
See which teammate is handling what, so you know who to help next.
Notes and mentions
Loop in teammates on tough questions to collaborate behind the scenes.

Automatically assign

Use assignment rules to automatically assign conversations to the right teammate or team
based on the customer, keywords, and more.


A help desk designed to scale your support

Intelligently automate repetitive tasks to free up your team so they can support more customers.

AI-powered Smart Suggestions
Using machine learning, articles are intelligently recommended for you to share based on each conversation.
Available with Educate
Saved Replies
Reply quickly with canned responses, accessible with a simple keyboard shortcut.
“Before Intercom, we tried a number of support tools and struggled to get below a one hour response time. With Intercom, our top customers hear from us within 30 minutes, and we’re solving their problems faster.”
Jason Mills, Expensify
Director of Sales & Success

Deliver a better customer experience with live chat

Help customers where they are in a way that’s simple, personal, and fun.

Teammate Profiles
Show the faces and profiles of your team so customers know there’s a real person on the other end.
Modern messaging
Typing indicators, read receipts, stickers and emojis make for a friendly and personal support experience.


Let customers contact you and get help where ever they are - in your apps, on your website, by email and via social.

Measure performance and plan ahead

See how many conversation customers and visitors start with your team and when.

6,342 new conversations  in the last 28 days 0 12am 8pm 2pm 6am 100 200 300 400 500 2pm New conversations: 486
6,342 new conversations  in the last 28 days 0 12am 8pm 2pm 6am 100 200 300 400 500 2pm New conversations: 486
Conversation volume
See how many conversations customers start with your team and when.
Median response time
Know how long it takes to respond at certain times or on different days.
Teammate workload
See how many replies a teammate has sent and conversations they’ve closed.

What you get

See all the key features of our help desk.

Team Inbox
Group teammates by expertise and assign conversations to them.
Real-time messaging
Instant message delivery, typing indicators, and user presence.
Notes & Mentions
Loop in teammates and work behind the scenes to answer questions.
iOS & Android Apps
Reply to people on the go with Intercom’s mobile apps.
Customer profiles
Know who you’re talking to—see their location, activity, and more.
Automated workflows
Assignment Rules
Automatically assign conversations to the right team or teammate
Saved replies
Respond to common questions with canned, yet personalized replies.
Smart Suggestions
Get recommended articles to share in the Intercom inbox.
Available with Educate
Actionable Insights
Response times
See your team’s median response time by day, week or month.
Teammate workload
See how many replies have been sent and conversations closed.
Conversation volume
Know how many conversations you are having and when you’re busiest.
Live chat
Intercom Messenger
Allow customers to contact you inside your web or mobile app.
Support customers via live chat, email, Facebook and Twitter.

Connect your help desk with other tools you use to run your business

Our integrations let you talk to customers on social, learn more about who they are, and collaborate better across teams.
Learn more about our integrations →
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