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Get more coverage from Resolution Bot with looping, bot intro, bot only mode, and more

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Shared by LeighAnne • January 27, 2021

On December 9th, we announced an open beta for new Resolution Bot features. These features are now permanently available to all Resolution Bot customers, and we're also introducing bot intro. Here is a snapshot of all the new features you and your team now have access to:

1. Resolve more conversations with looping- Resolution Bot will now attempt to answer multiple questions within the same conversation as the default setting for new customers. Your customers will still be able to connect with you by clicking the “Talk to a person” quick-reply button. Looping is available for desktop, mobile, and mobile SDKs, and can be managed in Operator settings.

2. Let Resolution Bot introduce itself with Bot Intro - You can now let customers know with more clarity that they’re talking to a bot while looping is enabled, which empowers them to ask clearer questions and helps to increase your resolution rate. This can be enabled in Operator settings.

3. Surface articles where answers don’t exist - Resolution Bot will automatically surface articles to your customers to help answer their questions. Article suggestions taskbot and looping must be turned on for this feature to work.

4. Auto-close option (looping only)- If a conversation has been inactive for 3 minutes or more, you can choose to either automatically close a conversation or route it to a team member. The default setting will be to route to a team member, but you can update this in Operator settings.

5. Understand your Resolution Bot performance with The Resolution Bot report for looping. - New reporting filters - You will now be able to see performance metrics for just looping, just one-time, or both.

- Updated reporting calculations for: - Sent: # of conversation where the answer has been served by the Resolution Bot - Resolved: Among "Sent", # of conversation that ended up with a "That helped" reply or soft resolution - Routed to team: Among "Sent", # of conversation that ended up being routed to the team

6. Let Resolution Bot take control with bot only mode- this will allow you to put customers into a self-serve support only mode if they choose to.

For more information on these features, visit our help center.