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Improved Custom Answers ⭐️

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Shared by Julia • June 07, 2024

We have made two new improvements to Custom Answers.

We have introduced a new answer ending type to Custom Answers — “End answer”, which allows you to simply end the Custom Answer, rather than passing the conversation to a teammate, creating a ticket or ending the conversation.

With this, you can:

  • Seamlessly transition from a Custom Answer to an AI Answer (or another Custom Answer) if your customer has another question
  • Add a reusable bot to the end Custom Answer, without having to use one of the existing Custom Answer ending options

Custom Answers are a great way of guiding your customers through troubleshooting. With this new improvement, you can enable Fin to do more complex troubleshooting for specific topics or issues.

We have also improved the matching system behind Custom Answers, meaning that Custom Answers only get triggered when needed. This has improved the precision of Custom Answers whilst increasing Fin’s AI Answer rate, resulting in a proved increase in the overall Resolution Rate for all customers using Custom Answers as a standalone or alongside AI Answers.

Improved language detection for Fin AI Agent and Workflows ✨

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Shared by Julia • June 07, 2024

We have introduced two new improvements to language detection for our automation products – Fin AI and Workflows.

  1. Fin can automatically detect the language your customers are speaking in to ensure they receive support in their desired language. Learn more
  2. We’ve introduced a new no-code language override functionality that allows you to determine what language a specific customer should be spoken to in. Learn more

These improvements ensure your customers receive a consistent end-to-end support experience in the correct language.

AI Agent
New feature

Instant resolutions with Fin AI Agent — now on Email 📩

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Shared by Julia • June 05, 2024

Email support still dominates for a lot of customer service teams. It’s an essential channel but email conversations lead to slower resolutions for customers and increased workloads for teammates when compared with synchronous channels like Live Chat. With our latest update to Fin AI Agent, customers can now get instant responses to their emails, right to their inbox.

Resolve more conversations, spend less time answering emails, and increase customer satisfaction by providing your email customers with instant resolutions with Fin AI Agent. The seamless AI Agent-to-teammate handover will ensure that only more complex issues reach your agents.

Product update

Enhance your Phone customer experience with Callbacks

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Shared by Peter • June 04, 2024
  • You can now offer your customers the option to request a callback when your team is busy or out of the office.
  • Customers can keep their place in the call queue without the need to stay on hold.
  • Callbacks can be enabled directly in your IVR workflow.
New feature

Gain deeper insights into your data with our new chart visualization options in Custom Reports 📊

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Shared by Mark • May 21, 2024

This latest update is all about enhancing how you visualize and interpret your data.

  • Heatmaps: Easily identify patterns and anomalies, and spot trends quickly with our color-coded heatmaps.
  • Bar Charts: Quickly compare data points and visualize trends with our clear, easy-to-read bar charts.

Ready to explore these new features today? They are now available in your Custom Reports Chart Builder.

Tell us what you think & help us further improve our reporting features – access the survey link directly within the feature.

New feature

Easily install Messenger on your website using NPM

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Shared by Louise • May 16, 2024

Introducing a new method to quickly get started with Intercom Messenger.

You can now install the Messenger on your website using our official NPM package which integrates with all common Javascript web frameworks, reducing your overall setup time. ✨

View more information on the Developer Hub.

New feature

Triage customers before Fin AI Agent with this Workflow template

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Shared by Julia • May 14, 2024

The “Triage customers before Fin” template makes it easier than ever to enable Fin to answer a customer's question while ensuring more complex queries—such as filing bug reports or requesting new features—get turned into a ticket for your team to action before Fin steps in.

How to get started

Start by creating a new workflow, and select the new template:

Click on "Use this template":

Your template will open in the Workflow builder where you can make any desired adjustments before setting Fin live.

Feature update

Branch on Conversation tags and Remove person tags 🏷️

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Shared by Mark • May 14, 2024

We've just released a small improvement to Tags in Workflows.

You can now use Conversation tag in the Audience Rule and Branches of Workflows. 💬

We've also added the Remove person tag action.

Apps & API

Even more Conversations data in API v 2.11 💬 📊

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Shared by Liz • May 09, 2024

The latest version of the Intercom API is live! Here's whats new:

👉 Try out the API from the docs or Postman collection.

Feature update

Customers can now find and rate recently closed conversations directly in the Messenger 📈

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Shared by Kim • May 08, 2024

The Messenger home screen will now show conversations and tickets that were recently closed (up to 7 days ago).

This makes it easier for your customers to find all their recent conversations and tickets, and respond if a message is triggered after a conversation has been closed - such as when a CSAT survey is sent.

The release is aimed at helping you boost your CSAT response rate while improving the Messenger customer experience.

No action is required as the change will roll out automatically.