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Reusable workflows

Manage Workflows more efficiently by linking them together and reusing the content.

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Manage your Workflows at scale by linking them together and reusing the content, making it easier and more efficient to maintain content that appears in multiple places.

Get started

Go toAutomation > Workflows and click New workflow.

Choose Create from scratch and use the trigger "Reusable workflows".

In the reusable workflow's trigger settings you can chose to allow teammates to trigger this workflow from the Help Desk.

Reusable workflows can contain content, but no rules or scheduling. They will only be triggered when you select the Pass to reusable workflow step in an existing workflow.

Click Save and close to start adding content to this reusable workflow.

Remember, the content can be reused in multiple workflows with different beginnings, so make sure the language is consistent and makes sense with any workflow that you're linking to it.

Once set live, you can reuse and add this content to another workflow path by editing or creating a new workflow and choosing Pass to reusable workflow.

The Pass to reusable workflow step can be used anywhere in a workflow (not just as the final step). This means you hand over to one workflow mid-way through another, and then (when the reusable workflow has finished) return control back to the workflow that was originally running.

You’ll see a list of reusable workflows you’ve created. Choose one from the list or create a new workflow you’d like to reuse.

This workflow will now continue seamlessly from the start of the reusable workflow.

If you'd like to use a reusable workflow for an inbound bot over a third-party channel, Email or SMS, make sure you use compatible steps and actions in your reusable workflow. For more information on channel compatibility, see omnichannel support for workflows.

Trigger from the Help Desk

You can trigger reusable workflows in conversations and tickets to automate resolving common customer queries/requests, via the quick search menu by pressing Command+K.

In the quick search menu, choose the Trigger reusable workflow option.

Next, search and trigger the appropriate reusable workflow.

Pausing a Reusable workflow

If you would like to pause a Reusable workflow that is being used in other workflows, first you will need to remove them from these workflows. You will be notified by a pop-up message when trying to pause a Reusable workflow that is active in other workflows 👇


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