It’s easy to convert more leads at scale when you have all of the details you need about each lead at your fingertips.  

With Intercom Inbox, you can manage every interaction with your leads in your team inbox- from when they first chat with you to when they’re a loyal customer.

Here’s your how sales teams will benefit from working together in the Intercom team inbox:

Know who your leads are

You’ll quickly get all the information you need in the inbox, so you can sell faster. 

Like Drift, our inbox provides you with your leads’ details and recent conversations:

But with Intercom, you can also quickly view the latest conversations each lead had with your teammates. 

You don’t need to open a new page - the recent conversation pops up over your existing conversation for quicker access:

This will help you get more context about a lead at a glance, prepare you for your next call and help you ensure the lead isn’t already talking to your teammate.

You can see how well your lead has progressed through your qualification process, and what qualification details you’ve captured so far:

You can also check out your lead’s company details, their Salesforce profile, social media profiles, segments and more. 

Send conversations to the right team

It’s easy to automatically route your conversations to the right teams and teammates in Intercom.

You can create an inbox for every team in your company that shares workflows, like your business development, account executive or enterprise sales teams. You can combine your filters and assignment rules to make sure the right team always receives the right message. 

Create targeted assignment rules 

You should create assignment rules to make sure your leads always speak to the right teammate.

Note: Assignment rules are similar to ‘routing rules’ in Drift. 

For example, if you have a VIP sales team, you can route all leads with a company size of ‘greater than 100’ to their inbox:

Or, if you’d like your sales team to answer conversations from social media that contain certain keywords, you can easily set this up:

Note: Intercom integrates with Twitter and Facebook so you manage your social media conversations in the inbox - which Drift doesn’t currently offer. See our full list of integrations.

Assign your leads round robin style

Sharing leads evenly is important for any sales team, so each teammate has a fair share of leads. It’s easy to do this with round robin assignment.

First, create an assignment rule. Then simply select an inbox with round robin enabled to share leads evenly among your team.

You can also assign replies to your auto messages and leads qualified by Operator to your team round robin style. 

Schedule follow-up reminders

It’s easy to stay on top of your sales workflow in the team inbox. If a lead asks you to follow up with them, you can set yourself a reminder to get back to them (which you couldn’t do in Drift). 

Simply snooze the conversation, and set the date and time for when you want to be reminded to chat to them again:

The conversation will reappear in your inbox when the snooze expires - so you can easily remember to follow up with your lead.

Convert leads faster with macros

If your leads tend to ask the same questions about the same topics, such as pricing, you can create macros to answer them faster.

If you used saved replies in Drift, simply copy and paste these over to Intercom and start improving them. 

Help leads help themselves with smart suggestions

You can answer your leads’ and users’ questions faster with smart inbox suggestions.

If you use our knowledge base product Articles (which is designed to work perfectly alongside our live chat solution), you’ll get suggested articles from your knowledge base right inside your team inbox. Operator recommends these articles based on the questions your customer has asked. 

You can easily insert these articles into conversations with leads and users. 

Operator also suggests articles to your users while they’re waiting for your team to respond. 

What’s next?

Here are more ways you can benefit from using Intercom over Drift:

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