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Marketo app: Send leads to Marketo and trigger campaigns automatically
Marketo app: Send leads to Marketo and trigger campaigns automatically

Enrich your leads in Marketo with qualification and conversation data from Intercom — Trigger campaigns in Marketo from Intercom.

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The Marketo app brings all of your Intercom leads, and their data into Marketo. You can:

  • Automatically send new Intercom leads to Marketo.

  • Enrich Marketo leads with qualification data as it is updated in Intercom.

  • Send Intercom conversations to Marketo in leads’ personal activity logs.

  • Trigger campaigns in Marketo after leads are qualified by Workflows.

Install the Marketo app

Go to the app store, and open the Marketo app. Then, click ‘Install now’: 

Next, allow Marketo permission to connect to your Intercom account:

You’ll be brought back to the Marketo app’s settings, where you’ll need to add the following Marketo account details: 

  • Client ID

  • Client secret

  • API endpoint URL

  • App endpoint URL

After filling in these details you can authenticate the app:

For help finding these details, check out Marketo’s article on finding your client secret and end point URL.

You’ll see this message after successfully authenticating with Marketo:

Send Intercom leads and their qualification data to Marketo

To automatically send new leads to Marketo whenever they’re created in Intercom, just tick this box under “Configure lead creation”:

To enrich leads in Marketo with data collected in Intercom you should also grant Intercom access to Marketo’s Munchkin cookie.

Be sure to enable the Munchkin API in Marketo for data enrichment to work.

Then create a new Text type attribute with the name marketo_tracking_cookie from Settings > People data.

Toggle off preventing updates via the Messenger for this attribute and click Save.

Map data sent to Marketo

From the app’s settings tab, map your Intercom qualification data to fields in Marketo, to ensure that all your Intercom attributes are matched correctly:

Company name, Name and Email are matched automatically.

On the same settings tab you can also choose to automatically send Intercom conversations to Marketo as activities:

Whenever a conversation starts or is closed, you’ll see it recorded in Marketo under a person’s activity log:

Activity log entries will only appear for conversations after you install the Marketo app.

The activity in Marketo includes these details (if available):

Conversation Assignee — Email address of the Intercom teammate the conversation is assigned to.

Conversation Closed Time — When the conversation was last marked as closed.

Conversation Intercom URL — URL for the conversation in Intercom.

Person ID — Marketo lead ID.

Conversation Started Time — When the conversation started.

Conversation URL — The page where the conversation started.

Conversation Initiated By — How the conversation started:

  • Customer_initiated - The lead sent a brand new message.

  • Automated - The lead replied to an ongoing message.

  • Campaigns_initiated - The lead replied to a message from a campaign.

  • Admin_initiated - A teammate contacted the lead directly.

  • Operator_initiated - The lead replied to a message from a Workflow.

Conversation Reply Time — The last time a lead replied to the conversation.

Intercom Conversation State — Open or closed.

Conversation Total Count — The total number of replies in this conversation.

Conversation Initial Message — The lead’s first message.

Conversation Tags — Any tags applied to the conversation.

Rating — The conversation rating and comment added by a lead. 

Send automatically qualified leads to Marketo

When you qualify leads, you can automatically follow up by enriching them with Marketo data. 

For example, you could choose to send all leads who give you their company name and size. Then, choose "Enrich lead in Marketo" as the follow-up action to enrich their Marketo profiles.

Qualification attributes will be synced to Marketo when:

  • A new lead is created

  • A lead already exists but new qualification data is added or updated (by the customer or the teammate on the inbox app)

The only company attribute that can be synced to Marketo is Company name: custom company attributes can't be synced, only people attributes.

Automatically trigger campaigns in Marketo from Intercom

If you’re qualifying leads with Basics or Workflows, you can trigger a campaign in Marketo as soon as a lead is qualified. 👌

Before configuring this in Intercom, you’ll need to have a campaign in Marketo with “Web service API” as the source: 

Like the example above, you may want to trigger a campaign to all leads who’ve given you their company name and size. To do so, just add “Trigger a Marketo campaign” as your follow up action: 

Then, enter the campaign’s URL: 

This is the “Qualify leads” bot from Basics, but the same process applies to following up after Workflows.

After adding the URL, Intercom will fetch the campaign details from Marketo, so you can save your bot and set it live. 🚀


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