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Accurately and immediately answer customer questions with Fin, Intercom’s AI-powered bot.
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What is Fin?

Fin is an AI bot powered by GPT-4, OpenAI's most advanced AI model. Fin solves complex problems and provides safer, more accurate answers than any AI bot on the market.

  • Fin holds complete support conversations in plain English, powered by the latest generative AI model.

  • Fin requires zero training. Just point it at your Help Center or other external support content and set it live.

  • Fin provides trustworthy, accurate answers based on your existing support content.

  • Fin seamlessly passes more complex questions directly to your human support team.

You can configure Fin quickly and have it resolving conversations without setting up any other automations. Fin’s job is to clarify, respond and hand over if necessary.

Use Fin exactly how you want with customizable Fin profiles

Create multiple Fin profiles to target different customers and customize each one to suit that customer segment.

This can be set up in 2 simple steps if you’re keen to start using Fin straight away, or you can make use of the many configuration options available to tailor the Fin experience for your customers and teammates.

Powered by your Help Center or external content

Fin can be enabled with support content using your Intercom Articles and external content via a public URL, so you can decide exactly which sources of information Fin uses to provide AI Answers. As your support content gets better, Fin does too—along with its resolution rates.

Create Custom Answers

For even greater control over the response Fin provides, create Custom Answers with follow-up actions and rules to take each customer down the right path. With each profile, you can choose to enable AI Answers, or Custom Answers, or both.

Fin works alongside your other automations

Fin works in harmony with all your automations. For example, Fin can pass a conversation to an existing Workflow/Custom Bot to triage, or a workflow can pass to Fin to step in and offer support.

Fin seamlessly passes conversations to humans

More complex queries can always be routed directly to human support teams, ensuring that your customers get the best possible experience every time. Fin can even ask clarifying questions and collect important customer details before handover, saving your team time and effort.

Keep an eye on your new support teammate in the Inbox

Fin has built-in safeguards to ensure it answers questions based solely on your support content, dramatically increasing accuracy and reducing “hallucinations". But you can also keep an eye on Fin conversations in the Inbox and easily monitor all of Fin’s responses.

Customer experience

Fin holds complete support conversations with your customers in plain English (and more languages soon!) It understands complex queries, asks clarifying questions, and explains complicated subjects clearly.

  • Fin links to relevant source information for each AI Answer in the conversation.

  • If you're using Intercom Articles, they’ll open directly in the Messenger. Otherwise they’ll open in a new tab.

View a Fin performance report

You’ll have access to a Fin performance report where you can clearly see how Fin is impacting your deflection and resolution rates.

Access and availability

Try Fin now in this live demo using your own Help Center 😃 Then make sure you’ve joined the waitlist to get access to Fin on your workspace.

If you’re already on the waitlist, great! We’re currently rolling Fin out to customers and we’ll reach out to you when Fin is ready to be enabled on your workspace.


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