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Share new inbound conversations evenly among your team with round robin assignment.

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Team inboxes where round robin is enabled continuously assign new conversations to active teammates in a sequential order. It doesn’t account for the teammate’s assignment limit.

Tip: We recommend round robin for Sales teams to ensure new leads are distributed evenly across teammates. For Support teams, we recommend using balanced assignment.

Get started

Go to Settings > General > Teams & roles and click on a team inbox name, then select “Round robin”.

Note: Round robin works on open conversations which are auto assigned to a new inbox. As long as that inbox also has round robin on it, it will auto assign to a new teammate.

It's not possible to customize the round robin rotation at this time. Teammates will always be assigned an equal number of conversations in alphabetical order.

You could choose to remove yourself or your teammates from the rotation by toggling on "away mode" to not be assigned new conversations. Turning away mode off will then re-enter the teammate into the rotation.


  • Round robin doesn’t account for the teammates’ assignment limit. Only balanced assignment does.

  • Conversations only get assigned to a teammate once when they arrive in a team inbox. If the teammate is unassigned, round robin won’t run again to find another teammate.

  • Conversations assigned to a round robin team inbox while all teammates are away won’t automatically get assigned to teammates when they become active.

  • Conversations manually assigned to a team inbox (i.e. not using Workflows) won’t automatically get assigned to active teammates.

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