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Assign conversations to teammates and teams
Assign conversations to teammates and teams

Manually or automatically assign specific conversations to teammates or teams via the Help Desk.

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If you want to make sure a conversation gets answered by the right person in your company, you should assign it to a particular teammate and team. There are three different ways to do that in Intercom:

  • Manually assign conversations to a team and teammate.

  • Automatically assign conversations to a team or teammate (you can evenly assign conversations ‘round robin style’ to a specific team too).

  • Assign all conversations to one team or teammate.

Manually assign conversations

When you need to pass a conversation to someone else you can quickly assign the conversation to the best teammate or team who can answer it.

Use the keyboard shortcut A to assign, or select the action icon from below the message composer and select Assign to.

Bulk Assigning Conversations

To bulk assign/close conversations, first select the checkboxes next to the conversations you want, and then click the Assign or Close button that appears.

You can also select the pencil icon to bulk edit your conversations which will allow you to perform the following actions:

  • Send a Reply/Note (and insert a macro)

  • Assign to team

  • Assign to teammate

  • Add tag

  • Snooze

  • Close

  • Change priority

  • Custom Action (using API)

  • Add topic

If you have more than a handful of conversations that need to be updated and you don't want to manually select them, your best bet would be using the REST API and creating a loop over.

The REST API allows you to perform a number of bulk updates to conversations, including closing, snoozing, replying, and assigning conversations.

To perform any of these actions you will need a list of the conversation IDs for your chosen criterium. Directions for how to search for conversations using our API are located here.

Assigning conversations to a teammate

When you manually assign a conversation to a specific teammate, the team assignment also remains in place. This means if that teammate switches on away mode, the conversation will be automatically assigned back to the correct team.

Assigning conversations to a team

Assigning a conversation to a team will remove the teammate assignment, so it can be picked up from that team’s inbox at the right time, or assigned automatically by round robin, or workload management.

Automatically assign conversations

Conversations can be assigned automatically using Workflows. To create a Workflow go to Automation > Workflows and click + New workflow.

Workflows can also automatically tag conversations, mark them as priority, or set conversation attributes & SLA rules. Learn more about building Workflows for all your automations.

The best triggers to use for this kind of Workflow are:

  • Customer opens a new conversation in the Messenger.

  • Customer sends their first message.

  • Customer sends any message

Then Apply rules which assign conversations to a team or teammate based on the content of the messages, conversation attributes, how long a customer has been waiting and/or any information about the lead, user or company that you track in Intercom.

For example, if Plan is 'Lite' and Message Content contains 'upgrade', then Assign to 'Customer Success'.

You can then click Save and close and set your Workflow live.

Currently, there is no way to add new participants to a conversation via Workflows. This must be managed manually within the conversation header or within the conversation composer.

Change the default assignee (inbox recipient)

If a conversation doesn’t match any of your Workflow rules, it will be assigned to your default assignee (inbox recipient), which you can select from Settings > Help Desk > Assignments and scrolling down to the Default assignee section at the bottom of the page.

Note: If a conversation is started from an article in the Help Center, the default assignment will not work for these conversations. You will need to create a Workflow to route these conversations.

Control who can reassign conversations

You can control who can reassign conversations that are already assigned to teammates. This ensures your sales and support teams don't lose conversations that they're working on in their own inbox.

Just go to Teammate settings, click Edit on a teammate, and uncheck Can reassign conversations and edit lead or user ownership.

This permission only prevents reassigning from a teammate's inbox. Teammates will still be able to assign conversations from team inboxes and the Unassigned inbox.

How to see who a conversation is assigned to?

You can view which teammate and team inbox a conversation is assigned to under the Details section which is permanently placed at the top right when using the Help Desk product.

If viewing your inbox using the Table View, there is an Assignee and Team column that shows the team/teammate the conversation is currently assigned to (if the column doesn't appear, you'll need to add it using the + icon.

You can click and drag the columns to re-order them and click the 3 dots on a column to hide it so you can focus on the most important information.


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