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Intercom on Customer Support

Turn quality customer support into a competitive advantage.

Intercom on Customer Support
Intercom on Customer Support
Intercom on Customer Support

Behind every great product is a great support team. This book shares what we’ve learned as Intercom has scaled its customer support while trying to remain personal. 

This isn’t a step by step guide to how you should support your customers. Instead we explain how you should think about support and offer guidelines and frameworks to inform the decisions you’ll make as your team and business grows.

We'll cover:

  • Hiring and retaining support staff.

  • Matching levels of support to levels of investment.

  • Managing customer expectations.

  • Working with other parts of the business.

  • How to help your customers help themselves.

I wish I’d had this book on my first day in customer support! It’s packed with advice that will make sure your customers get the best experience possible.

Chase Clemons, Support Pro