New at Intercom
New feature

Generate more accurate insights with advanced filtering in Custom Reports

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Shared by Mark • September 20, 2023

We have made some enhancements to our filtering capabilities in Custom Reports in order to enable a deeper level of data granularity when creating charts.

What’s new:

  • You can now do both AND and OR operator conditions when selecting multiple filters
  • You can select multiple of the same filters at one time
  • And we have added more advanced filter matching patterns for each data format

Speed up your response times using AI assist in the inbox 🚀

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Shared by Alissa • September 19, 2023

Our AI assisted inbox features are now officially out of beta and generally available:

  • Expand or rephrase: Write shorthand customer responses in the Inbox and let the AI generate a complete suggested or rephrased message.
  • Change tone: Be more casual/friendly or more formal depending on what suits your business or the situation.
  • Summarize: Create an AI-generated summary of a customer conversation, helping you quickly get up to speed with conversations.

New feature

Measure your customers’ satisfaction with Fin conversations

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Shared by Julia • September 15, 2023

Understand how well your Fin conversations are performing with a Fin CSAT survey.

You'll be able to measure your customers’ satisfaction with every Fin conversation, and identify conversations and areas that are performing well or in need of improvement.

Along with a dedicated report, CSAT data is also directly available in the Inbox, providing agents with upfront context on how a customer is feeling before responding to their query.

Feature update

Enhance brand experience with new Multi-Help Center updates

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Shared by Alina • September 13, 2023

These new updates are designed to enhance your multi-brand experience, enabling you to support Multi-Help Center on the Mobile SDK and improve your customers' experience.

📱Mobile SDK: Ensure your brand experience remains consistent across all platforms by enabling Multi-Help Center on the Mobile SDK.

📄 Article Inserters: Find a suitable article from the right Help Center to ensure your customers have the relevant brand support for outbound messages through Inbox, Messenger, and Workflows.

💻 API: The API has now been extended to support Multi-Help Center features to make it easier to add and manage your articles across multiple Help Centers with external tools. No setup required.


Support customers with Fin in 8 more languages—join the open beta👇

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Shared by Julia • September 08, 2023

Support your customers with Fin in 8 languages—with no extra setup required.

In addition to English, Fin now supports conversations in Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Swedish.

Join the beta today and increase the number of conversations Fin can get involved in and resolve.


Better tickets for your team and your customers

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Shared by Nadine • September 05, 2023

We’ve redesigned tickets to help your team solve any type of complex issue faster and more effectively than ever before.

Intercom now offers three ticket categories. Each uniquely designed for a specific use case.

  • Customer tickets - When your team needs more time to work on issues, use Customer tickets to capture, track and automatically share progress with the customer.
  • Back-office tickets - When a support agent needs to work with back-office teams to resolve an issue, create a linked Back-office ticket from a conversation for seamless collaboration.
  • Tracker tickets - Streamline problems impacting many customers, such as bugs, service interruptions, and feature requests.
Feature update

Provide clearer ticket email notifications to your customers 📧

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Shared by Bethany • September 01, 2023

Give your customers full transparency on ticket updates through improved ticket email notifications.

These will include all key ticket attributes that you've set as visible to customers, and will be collapsed when the information isn't relevant.

Ticket and conversation updates can also now be managed separately in email settings, giving you the flexibility in how you want to communicate.

Feature update

Enhance your Help Center's appearance with new templates for collections.

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Shared by Lorenzo • September 01, 2023

Customize the design of collections in your Help Center to create a unique and distinct brand experience.

You can create a one-of-a-kind brand experience by:

  • Choosing your favorite collection card templates to perfectly match your style.
  • Customizing card styles and borders.
  • Designing your collection card using icons and background images for that personal touch, or keep it minimalistic with a sleek image-free look.

👉 See the full list of what we shipped and what's coming next here.

.New Feature

Increase Fin resolutions with conversation snippets 📥

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Shared by Alissa • August 29, 2023

Ever wondered, what if Fin could just learn from the conversations you're having with customers in the Inbox and then respond with similar answers in the future? Introducing: Conversation snippets for Fin beta!

It's easy:

  1. Answer a question in the Inbox
  2. Suggest the answer for Fin
  3. Next time the question comes up, let Fin answer it

Feature update

Unlock the power of workflows for Fin 💪

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Shared by Nick • August 29, 2023

We've updated the "Let Fin answer' block in workflows to give you more control over it's behaviour and handover.

With this new block, you can:

  • Create 'Fin-first' workflows
  • Build more advanced handovers
  • Tailor different Fin experiences for different workflows or branches
  • Set specific auto-close behaviour for Fin

Note: this new Fin block works independently from Fin profiles which will soon be deprecated. In the mean time, your Fin profiles and existing Fin blocks in workflows will continue to function normally. More info can be found here.