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Customer Data Platform
New feature

See more user context at a glance in the Inbox 🎉

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Shared by Sonia • November 09, 2022

Hi there, Custom Objects are now visible in the Inbox sidebar, enabling agents to quickly see more user and conversation context. With Custom Objects in the Inbox, agents no longer have to switch between Intercom and external systems or ask customers to submit repetitive information! Now, agents have all the context they need at their fingertips to answer customer questions in a personal way.

To learn more, click here.

Outbound Messaging

Email template editor 🚀

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Shared by Ashley • November 02, 2022

Hi there! We’ve released a new WYSIWYG email template editor to help you design engaging, on-brand emails, quickly and easily without the need to code.

Use the visual editor to resize images, edit font and styling, create blocks of content, manage alignment and more.

Create a seamless, multichannel onboarding experience or use email alongside in-context messages to share announcements and drive action.

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Security & Settings

Protect your workspace with 2FA, Google Sign-On, and Teammate Activity Logs

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Shared by Sonia • October 25, 2022

Hi there! We’ve updated our plans to allow you to enforce strong authentication controls and have visibility into teammate activity on your workspace. All plans now include:

  • Ability to enforce 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for all teammates in a workspace
  • Access to the Teammate Activity Logs

For more info on these features and how to set them up, take a look at our documentation; Teammate Activity Logs, 2FA and Google SSO.

New feature
Security & Settings

Remove conversation history from support emails ✉️

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Shared by Ashley • October 25, 2022

Hi there! For the support interactions that your team handles over email, you can now choose to remove the conversation history from the email thread. This means that only the message itself will be shown to the recipients. By removing the history, each message will appear cleaner and more readable, making it easier for both customers and Support teammates to parse through and respond.

To learn more, check out this article.

Apps & API

Do more with webhooks on API 2.6 🚀

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Shared by Sonia • October 19, 2022

Hi there! The latest version of our API has been released:

  • We introduced webhook topic support for all Outbound Message events across all content types in Intercom, such as Emails, Custom Bots, Surveys, and more.
  • We added several new Admin, Conversation, Company and Contact topics. You can now sync Intercom changes across CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot and Pipedrive.
  • We introduced improvements to Conversation API: improved pagination, better request payload type consistency and higher granularity when it comes to conversations part types.
  • Our API now allows deletion of archived contacts. Previously, an archived contact needed to be unarchived before being deleted.

See a detailed description of all the updates and get started using API v2.6 here.

New feature

Say hello to the most customizable Messenger. Ever. 👋

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Shared by Priyanka • October 12, 2022

Hi there! You asked and we’ve delivered – our most customizable Messenger to date is here . 🎉

You can now design the Messenger to match your brand’s exact look and feel – from the style to the layout and content— making it truly your own.

It’s never been easier to create a personal, in-context customer experience that delivers growth for your business. Convert more visitors. Onboard and activate new customers. Support existing customers. Do it all with a Messenger that is fast, flexible and versatile! 🌟

Curious as to what this new messenger means for you? Learn more here.

New feature

Introducing Messenger-First Tickets!🎟

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Shared by Mary • October 12, 2022

Hi there! Every customer need—from simple live chats to complex support tickets—can now start in the Messenger. 🌟

The addition of tickets allows you to handle customer requests asynchronously. Chat agents can focus on replying to simple queries quickly, while other teams carry out escalations and operational tasks in the background using tickets.

That means you can now resolve every customer issue entirely in Intercom. Read on.

New feature

Build better bots with the new visual bot builder 🤖

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Shared by LeighAnne • October 12, 2022

Hi there! With our visual bot building experience you can visualize the multi-step automation journey your customers experience, helping you to save time and create better chatbots. 🙌 And now it's simple to identify the specific part of a bot flow that may need to be updated or has broken, meaning less time is spent troubleshooting.

With powerful bots your customers are able to get the answers they need instantly, reducing your inbound conversation volume even as your business scales.

Learn more in the help center.

Outbound Messaging
Feature update

Introducing frequency controls, visual customization, and previewing in Tooltips

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Shared by Nicole • October 03, 2022

We’ve released several new features to give you more control over how Tooltips show up for your users.

1. Frequency control:

Set whether a Tooltip always shows, or only until your users engage with it (available in your Tooltip group settings).

2. Visual customization:

  • Choose between several different fonts and header options
  • Change the color of your font and labels
  • Change the color of your Tooltip background (available in group settings)
  • Set the pointer position for each Tooltip

3. Previewing:

Preview how Tooltips show up on the page, before you set them live.

To learn more, check out this article.

Security & Settings

Manage assignments at scale with custom conversation prioritization

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Shared by Mary • September 20, 2022

Customers using Balanced Assignment can now fully control how Intercom assigns conversations to teammates with custom conversation prioritization. This change gives customers improved management of how their teams work effectively and efficiently at scale.

To learn more, check out this article.