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Fin AI Copilot explained
Fin AI Copilot explained

How Fin can increase productivity in the inbox and help you provide exceptional customer service.

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Support teams lose valuable time hunting for answers to customer queries, jumping between multiple tabs and various sources. This inefficiency distracts agents from what truly matters: forging deeper relationships with customers.

Enter Fin AI Copilot - a personal AI assistant designed to revolutionize support agent efficiency.

With Fin seamlessly integrated into your inbox, you can get instant, expert answers sourced from your team's conversation history, internal articles, public articles, and external content.

Get answers to customer questions

Fin AI Copilot can help you to find answers to your customer questions and guide you on how to handle them. Simply ask Copilot a question and get an instant answer.

Receive training and onboarding support

If you need help with an internal process, ask an internal question, and Fin AI Copilot will guide you through it step-by-step.

Use trusted content sources

Fin AI Copilot can pull relevant information from your help center, internal articles, snippets, websites, and PDFs — and even syncs with Notion, Guru, Confluence, and Zendesk. Start by adding, syncing, or importing all your content to the Knowledge Hub and then you can decide which sources you want Fin to use when generating an answer.

It’s easy to fact check and preview each of the sources used before sending the answer off to the customer.

Customize answers

Quickly modify Fin AI Copilot’s answer to suit your preferred style or translate it to a different language.

Continuously optimize from one place

To add or improve the content Fin AI Copilot uses to provide answers, simply go to the Knowledge Hub where you can write, edit, sync, import or remove content, all from one place and decide which sources you want Fin to use.

See deep insights and maintain complete oversight

Fin AI Copilot reporting lets you keep an eye on how your team is using Fin AI Copilot and dig into ​​what questions were asked, what answers Fin provided and the number of sources used.

Get started

Get Fin AI Copilot unlimited usage as a flexible seat add-on for each teammate (included usage for each teammate is 10 conversations per month).

🤓 Learn how to get started and become an expert on Fin AI Copilot in the course from


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