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Customize Help Desk to suit you and how you work best
Customize Help Desk to suit you and how you work best

Configure Interco Help Desk experience to feel at home and to suit your personal preferences.

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Every teammate in Intercom Help Desk can configure how it looks and feels for them. This allows you to make the it suit how you work and move things around to where you like them to be.

Customize left sidebar

Pinning teams, teammates, or views

Go to Edit sidebar at the bottom of the navigation menu to pin or unpin folders on the sidebar (i.e teams, teammates and views sections).

You can pin different teams and views to your left sidebar by clicking on the pencil icon beside Teams/Views and then pinning individual ones using the pin icon beside their name.

Note: You can't unpin teams you're a member of.

You also can't pin teammates whom you can't assign conversations to, this includes any teammates that have a "Lite" seat.

You can also re-order and collapse folders.

Creating custom folders

From Edit sidebar you can also create and pin your own custom folder to the left sidebar e.g. "Important" or "Starred".

Custom folders allow you to group individual teams, teammates and views together. They have the same flexibility that default folders already have like pinning/unpinning, collapsing and re-ordering.

Add apps to your right sidebar

You can add apps to your right sidebar by scrolling to the bottom of the sidebar and clicking on Edit apps.

Here, you can pin different apps by clicking on the pin icon beside the app name.

Change the order of apps in right sidebar

After you add your apps, you might want to move them around to have these closer to hand when chatting to your customers. To do that, simply use the three dots that appear beside the app name and drag the app into the desired position.

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Note: Some right sidebar items, such as assignee/team assigned and linked tickets can't be moved or removed.

Pin functions in the Help Desk composer

You can also pin commonly used functions such as Macros, Tours, Workflows or Emojis directly to your composer. To do that, click on the three dots menu and then pin the individual functions using the pin icon beside it's name 👇

Note: Pinning custom apps is currently not supported. You can always access these by using shortcut ⌘/Ctrl + K 👍

Change your theme

Help Desk supports light and dark theme. You can toggle between these by using ⌘/Ctrl + K and type 'Switch' then hit Enter to change theme.

Or, click on your avatar in the bottom left corner of the screen and choose Theme then Light or Dark.

Change the language

Intercom Help Desk is available in 5 different languages:

  1. English (US)

  2. German

  3. Spanish (Mexico)

  4. French (France)

  5. Portugese (Brazil)

You can toggle between different languages by using ⌘/Ctrl + K and type 'Switch' then arrow down and hit Enter to choose a language.

Or, click on your avatar in the bottom left corner of the screen and then choose Language and then pick your preferred language.

Change the layout

Intercom Help Desk supports 2 layout types - Chat layout and table layout. You can toggle between these by using the shortcut key L on your keyboard, or from the bottom of your conversations list.


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