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Set up a backup workflow when Fin AI Agent reaches a resolution limit

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Shared by Julia • July 12, 2024

We've introduced a new Workflow action called “Resolution limit reached” that can be used to trigger a backup workflow once your Fin AI Agent usage limit has been reached. There are two ways to set this up:

Use case 1: Workflow branching

Create a workflow branch with the “Let Fin answer” step as one branch path, and the new “Resolution limit reached” action as the other path.

Use case 2: Audience targeting

Use the new action in the Audience panel. This workflow will trigger once the usage limit has been reached.

Note: this is available to customers with access to the Workflows product.

Product update

All your settings, now in one place ⚙️

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Shared by Bethany • July 11, 2024

You can now control settings for all Intercom features in one place, enabling you to customize your workspace to fit your team’s needs.

Here’s what’s new:👇

  • Access your Settings by clicking on the wheel icon in the left-hand navigation bar
  • Effortlessly find specific settings or features using the Search bar
  • See all your settings for workspace, channels, helpdesk and more in one unified view on the Home screen

Learn more about the new settings update in this article.

New feature

Improved email automation targeting with new email predicates

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Shared by Julia • June 28, 2024

We have introduced new Email predicates so that you can better target your email automations:

  • Email Recipient: use this predicate if you want to target any email address(es) users add to the "To" or "Cc" fields
  • Email To: for targeting email addresses users add only to the “To” field
  • Email Cc: for targeting email addresses users add only to the “Cc” field

With this, you can:

  • Define the audience you want to target for your automation to ensure that your automations only trigger in the intended scenarios.
  • Create branches within Workflows to trigger conditional logic

Here are some examples of how you can use this:

1. Ensure Fin only replies when your support team has been emailed directly, and not just Cc’d

2. When your support team has been cc’d to an Email, you can enable Fin to reply to these emails by using Email Cc in audience targeting; you can instruct Fin to wait for some time before replying to give your teammates a chance to reply first.

3. You can also use these predicates as branches within a workflow. In this example, Fin replies immediately if the support email address is present in the To field, but waits for one hour before replying if the address is only in Cc.

Product update

Phone Outbound Calling: Now Even Better ☎️

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Shared by Peter • June 28, 2024
  • New Customers Calling: Call customers who haven’t interacted with you yet. Use our new keypad to type in the phone number and start a new conversation.
  • Existing Customers Calling: Start fresh outbound calls without reusing old conversations. You can use Search to call your existing contacts from the dialler.
  • On-Call Keypad: Easily interact with IVR and Voicemail systems during calls.
  • Calling entry points: Start outbound calls directly from the Inbox or the Contacts page.
New product

Fin AI Copilot - your personal AI assistant for agents in the Inbox is now available for all 🚀

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Shared by Alissa • June 27, 2024

Stop wasting time searching for answers across multiple sources and browser tabs. Fin AI Copilot is here to help, all from a single place in the Inbox:

  • Get answers to customer questions based on your support content, including conversation history
  • Figure out next steps using internal knowledge from Intercom, Guru, Confluence or Notion
  • Dive into how agents are using Fin and monitor answer quality with dedicated reporting

Every teammate can now use Fin AI Copilot for free on 10 conversations or tickets per month. Learn More.

New product

Knowledge Hub: Power AI, agents, and customers with the right content, every time 🎓

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Shared by Ahmad • June 27, 2024

Introducing the Knowledge Hub: a modern, centralized knowledge management system that makes it easy to manage, optimize, and configure all of the content that powers human agents, AI Agents, and self-serve support.

Inside the Knowledge Hub you can:

  • Get complete oversight of every piece of support content powering Fin AI Agent, Fin AI Copilot and your help center.
  • Sync or import your internal support content from external platforms such as Guru, Confluence and Notion in minutes.
  • Create and publish articles; for your public help center and AI Agent, and internal articles which are only visible to employees and AI Copilot.
  • Organise your support content into folders for ease of management.
  • Configure exactly which content can be used by Fin AI Agent and Fin AI Copilot to generate answers.
  • Use bulk actions to configure content for AI or your help center at scale, or as you publish new content.

Any customers using the content hub of Fin AI Agent to manage and configure content will have this information automatically transferred over to the Knowledge Hub.

All customers now have access to Knowledge Hub regardless of the plan they are on!

AI Agent
New feature

Fin AI Agent on Email — now available for customers without Workflows access 📩

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Shared by Julia • June 24, 2024

All customers now have access to Fin over Email regardless of the plan they are on!

With our latest update to Fin AI Agent, customers can now get instant responses to their emails, right to their inbox.

Resolve more conversations, spend less time answering emails, and increase customer satisfaction by providing your email customers with instant resolutions with Fin AI Agent. The seamless AI Agent-to-teammate handover will ensure that only more complex issues reach your agents.

New feature

Measure customer satisfaction for Chatbots 🤖

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Shared by Mark • June 12, 2024

As teammates now work alongside Fin AI Agent and Chatbots, measuring customer satisfaction across all forms of support is increasingly important.

With this update, you can collect and report on CSAT ratings for your Chatbots (Workflows), just as you can for your teammates and Fin AI Agent.

Collecting CSAT ratings for Chatbots will give you a comprehensive view of customer satisfaction, enabling you to track changes over time and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Gather more information with Fin AI Agent before handing the conversation over to a teammate

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Shared by Julia • June 12, 2024

With Fin AI Agent, you are now able to choose to collect more information when a customer asks to speak to the team.

When collecting more information Fin may also provide an additional answer—increasing the likelihood of a self-serve resolution. The extra information will also provide more context when the conversation is handed off to a teammate—improving agent efficiency and effectiveness.

Insider knowledge 🔍 Before launch we tested this feature extensively—observing an increase in answer rate, confirmed resolutions, and CSAT.

AI Agent

Improved Custom Answers ⭐️

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Shared by Julia • June 07, 2024

We have made two new improvements to Custom Answers.

We have introduced a new answer ending type to Custom Answers — “End answer”, which allows you to simply end the Custom Answer, rather than passing the conversation to a teammate, creating a ticket or ending the conversation.

With this, you can:

  • Seamlessly transition from a Custom Answer to an AI Answer (or another Custom Answer) if your customer has another question
  • Add a reusable bot to the end Custom Answer, without having to use one of the existing Custom Answer ending options

Custom Answers are a great way of guiding your customers through troubleshooting. With this new improvement, you can enable Fin to do more complex troubleshooting for specific topics or issues.

We have also improved the matching system behind Custom Answers, meaning that Custom Answers only get triggered when needed. This has improved the precision of Custom Answers whilst increasing Fin’s AI Answer rate, resulting in a proved increase in the overall Resolution Rate for all customers using Custom Answers as a standalone or alongside AI Answers.