Switching from Drift to Intercom is easy. You’ll spend less time ‘building’ bots and setting up ‘playbooks’, and more time on converting your qualified leads into customers.

You can start capturing, qualifying and converting more leads quickly. Here’s how to get started:

Keep your leads’ and users’ details 

To get started, you can easily import your users and leads from Drift to Intercom

Automatically qualify your leads in seconds

You were probably using Drift’s bot, LeadBot, before. To set it up, you had to feed it questions, keywords and create a bot for every new scenario.

With our bot, Operator, the setup process is quick. You can start automatically capturing and qualifying your leads in seconds. You can let Operator handle the simple stuff so you can focus on what only humans can do.

Nurture leads with with targeted messages

Converting your leads into paying customers takes more than booking meetings.

When you used Drift, you used ‘playbooks’ to send messages to your leads. With Intercom, you can create an intelligent series of messages based on any data or behaviour, to encourage your leads or users to take the next steps or to complete a goal. 

You can also A/B test your auto messages to capture more leads, and choose from different message styles to better engage them. 

Convert leads with the inbox for sales teams 

With our Inbox product, you can see every interaction with each lead - from when they first chat with you to when they become a paying customer.

Here are just some of the ways sales teams can benefit from using Inbox:

Capture and convert more leads with apps

You can generate quality leads faster by using apps from the Intercom App Store. You can add apps to your Messenger home to nurture leads faster, and you can share some apps in conversations.

Here are some apps you can use to grow your business faster:

Connect with your favourite sales tools

You can help your sales team convert leads faster by integrating their favourite tools with Intercom. 

Send leads to Salesforce automatically

If you were using Drift’s integration with Salesforce, you could send your leads and conversations to Salesforce. You can do the same, and more, with our Salesforce integration

You can:

  • Send leads to Salesforce automatically, or manually with a single click.
  • Sync your Intercom data continuously with Salesforce.
  • Automatically assign Salesforce leads to the right owners in Intercom.
  • Add your leads to nurture campaigns automatically based on their Salesforce status.
  • Answer your leads in a more personal way by seeing their Salesforce data within Intercom.

Send your visitors hyper-targeted messages with Clearbit Reveal

If you use Clearbit Reveal, you can send your visitors hyper-targeted auto messages by integrating with Intercom. You can also choose who can see the Messenger launcher on your site, based on Clearbit company data.

Qualify leads from Slack

With our Slack integration, you can reply to your leads and update their qualification details straight from Slack. You can also get notifications on their activity and conversations.

You can also integrate with Marketo, Facebook, Twitter and more. Check out our list of integrations.

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