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Google Meet app: start a video call from your conversations
Google Meet app: start a video call from your conversations

Share the Google Meet app in conversations to start video calls with your leads.

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If you’re chatting to a lead or customer, you can build a more personal relationship with them by inviting them to join a Google Meet call with you.

Install the Google Meet app

Go to the app store, and click on the Google Meet app:

The Google Meet app is available with any paid plan.

You’ll be asked to connect your Google Calendar to Intercom. Once connected, you can start inviting your leads to join video calls with you.  

Let leads join video calls with you

You can easily invite leads to join a video call while you’re chatting to them. Just click the app icon in the inbox and choose the Google Meet app:

Once you’ve shared the app in a conversation, click Join call to start your video conversation.

Once you share the app, it’ll create a slot in your Google Calendar, so your teammates know you’re in a call. Your lead can then join the call directly from the app you shared.

When they click Join call, the Google Meet call will open in a new tab for them. You’ll be able to approve them to join the call, and start video chatting to them right away.

Nurture your hottest leads

Chatting to your best leads over video will help you quickly understand whether they’re a good fit for your business, so you can convert them into customers faster. If your leads are also considering other solutions, you’ll have a competitive edge over your competitors by building a more personal relationship with your leads over video.

Give your customers a VIP experience

If your customer success team help to onboard your VIP customers, they can easily delight customers by inviting them to video calls. If they’re looking for product support, you can easily join a call, share your screen, and educate them on using your product. This will help you build a stronger relationship with your customers, increase loyalty, and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Resolve critical issues quickly

If your customer has an urgent problem, or has spotted a bug, you can diagnose and resolve the issue faster by jumping on a video call with them. You’ll also build more trust with them by giving them a fast and personal service.


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