Your website visitors and current customers have different needs. Adding apps to your Messenger home helps them find what they’re looking for quickly - so they can do more than chat.

To customize your Messenger home for both new visitors and current users, go to your Messenger home settings, and choose who you’d like to add apps for, then click ‘Add an app’:

Note: Only Messenger apps can be added to your Messenger home. To add them, you’ll need to install them in the app store first. 

You can rearrange your apps by dragging them, and see a live preview of how the Messenger home will appear on the right-hand side:

Choosing the right apps to show your visitors and users

If you want to show certain apps, to a specific group of users or visitor you can do this with display conditions for each app.
After adding an app to your Messenger home, click "+ Add display conditions" below it:

Then select the filters for when the app should display. For example, if visitors can subscribe to your newsletter with an app, only show it to those who haven't subscribed already: 

Note: This example uses a custom attribute "Subscribed to newsletter".

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing which apps to show your visitors and users:

Nurture your visitors and leads

When visitors open your Messenger, you can provide them with a number of ways to engage with you. Here are some Messenger apps to consider:

Highlight a key blog post

The Content Showcase app allows you to show any content as a card. Once added, your visitors will be able to easily access your post straight from the Messenger.  

You should use this app in your Messenger home to show recent blog post, video or company news article, to help nurture new visitors and leads.

Let new leads request a demo

You can let visitors and users request demos with you straight from the Messenger with the Get a Demo app

When a new lead requests a demo, they’ll need to answer your qualification questions to complete the request. This means your sales team can identify and follow up with quality leads. 

You can also assign demo requests to a specific team or teammate. You can find out more here.

Subscribe visitors to your newsletter

If you use Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, you can invite your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list straight from Messenger home.

This allows you to capture and nurture new leads, and grow your audience. 

Give your users faster support

Your customers usually start conversations when they have issues they need to solve. Here’s how you can resolve them before they start a conversation:

Help your customers help themselves

You can help your customers find answers to their questions before they even start a conversation. If you have Articles, it's easy to let your customers search your Help Center straight from the Messenger.

They can search or browse, view the results and open an article, all without leaving the Messenger:

Learn more here.

Share your product’s health status

With the Statuspage app, you can reduce your conversation volume by showing your product’s health status in the Messenger.

Once you add the app to Messenger home, you can display your latest status without needing to start a conversation. Your customers can also subscribe for Statuspage updates.

Let customers check their order status

If you run your business on Shopify, you can save conversation time by showing your customers their order status in your Messenger home.

With the Shopify app, you can automatically show your logged-in users their most recent order and its status, so they won’t need to start a conversation to find out. You can also let your logged-out visitors search their orders. 

Pro tip: If you use Intercom to support multiple brands, you can add specific apps to your Messenger for each unique domain. 😉

Editing Messenger app settings

To edit the settings or configuration of a Messenger app, simply remove it from your Messenger and add it again. You can then reconfigure any settings:

Important: You can add up to 19 apps in the Messenger.

What’s next?

As we continue to build more Messenger apps, you’ll be able to do more and more to engage your visitors and users in your Messenger. Here are more resources to help you get started:

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