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Get started with Proactive Support
Get started with Proactive Support

Send outbound messages and campaigns to support and connect with your customers in context.

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Send targeted ongoing messages to start conversations with customers while they browse your website or use your product. Interact with them through a variety of channels both in and outside your product, based on who they are and the actions they take.

Proactive Support includes:

Create and manage all of these messages by finding Proactive Support in the main menu.

Organize and filter your messages

To view specific content, you can search for a title or filter by content type.

Refine your search and add filters for:

  • Audience — Dynamic or fixed.

  • People type — Messages targeted at visitors, users, or leads.

  • State – Messages that are live, draft, paused, or scheduled.

  • Sender – Which teammate the message is from.

  • Tag – Tags allow you to group your messages in any way you like, so you can organize them by the type of message they are, the language they’re in etc.

  • Subscription type – Any email or SMS subscriptions you have set up for your workspace.

  • Date (First set live / Created / Updated at) – Add one of these to filter by messages which were sent, created or updated for your selected time period.

  • Series - To view any of the selected content types that have been used in a Series.

Configure which columns to display

Select which columns you want to see using the dropdown menu on the far right.

Create saved views

To easily find this filtered view again, click Save View and give it a name and icon.

This will add this view to the left navigation menu.


  • Views are message level only and don’t filter Series.

  • Views will save the search term, filters and displayed columns. They are also workspace level views so all teammates see them.

  • The Save view option in Proactive Support requires a specific seat (Engage or Proactive Support) on some legacy plans.

Custom views can easily be deleted when you no longer need them by hovering over the view in the menu and selecting the 3 dots, then click Delete.

Tag your messages

As you send more messages for more diverse reasons, you should group them with tags to keep things organized. You can apply as many tags as you like to each message, for flexible filtering. 

Tag messages in bulk, or one at a time:

Tag your messages in bulk

First, check the box on the left for all messages you’d like to tag. Then, click Tag.

Type the name of the tag you want to add, and click Save. If it doesn’t already exist, you can easily create a new tag.

Now the tag is shown on each message, and can be used to filter them in the list. 

Tag an individual message

To apply a tag to an individual message, open the message, and click More then select Tag.

Bulk actions

You can Delete, Pause, or Tag multiple messages at once by selecting them directly from the list in Proactive Support. You'll see the Delete button, as well as the option to Pause or Tag the messages at the top of the list.


  • You can't bulk delete messages that are live, you must pause them first.

  • You can't bulk pause or delete messages that are in a Series.

  • If you select some messages that are paused and some that are live, you won't have the option to click Pause as some messages are already paused.


Configure Proactive Support Settings to manage:


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