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Google Calendar app: book meetings with your leads
Google Calendar app: book meetings with your leads

Invite leads to book meetings with your team, automatically schedule meetings with bots, and more.

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If you’re chatting to a promising lead, or a high value customer, you can easily invite them to book a meeting as you chat.

Note: Check our plans and pricing to add this to your subscription.

The Google Calendar app allows you to share your availability with your leads, so they can quickly book a meeting with you.

The app will show time slots starting from two hours in the future.


Set up

First, go to the app store and install the Google Calendar app:

Next, select a Google account to connect, and allow Intercom to access your calendar.  

Once connected, you’ll be able to set your available times. By default, your meeting availability is set as ‘Weekdays, 9am-12pm’ and ‘2pm-5pm’. 

It’s easy to add or change your availability for weekdays, weekends, or specific days and times:

Note: If you’ve already got meetings booked in your calendar during your available times, those slots won’t be available to your leads. Only your available slots will appear for customers.

You can also add a video conferencing link and description that will apply to all of your meeting invitations. If "Your video conferencing" link is left blank, a Google Meets link will be generated.

Lastly, you can create a personalized meeting link to share with customers while you're chatting to them:

Note: You can add up to 255 characters to your meeting description. If you exceed this limit, your settings won't save.

You can also define the length of your meeting slots, by sharing a link that includes a time to the end of the URL:

Note: Meeting slot length can also be configured when sharing the app in a conversation, or sending via a message or bot.

Book meetings during conversations

Once your calendar is connected, you’ll be able to share the app during conversations. Just open the quick search menu by pressing Command+K and select the ‘Google Calendar’ app:

To share a meeting invitation, select a team or a teammate, then choose meeting duration and click ‘Send’.

Your leads can then select from your next available time slots in the Messenger:

If your leads click ‘More times’, they’ll be able to choose from your full list of available calendar slots:

Once they choose a time slot, you’ll both receive a notification of the meeting booking will in your Google Calendar.

Note: Your lead will need to confirm the booking by selecting ‘Yes’ to invitation in Google Calendar.

Show your meeting link in the Messenger

You can display your meeting link in the Messenger, so that leads can book time with you while they're chatting. Just add your link to your Intercom profile:

Now, leads will see a calendar icon while chatting to you in the Messenger, which they can click to see your available slots.

Book meetings with qualified leads

If you qualify leads with Operator, you can automatically invite them to book meetings with your team. 

To set this up, go to Operator’s ‘Qualify leads. Once you’ve got qualification questions set up, create a new follow up rule for your qualified leads:

Note: Check our plans and pricing to add this to your subscription.

Next, you’ll need to decide what types of qualified leads you’d like to invite to book meetings with. For example, you might want to book meetings with leads with a company size greater than 50:

Once you’ve selected the data that will trigger your rule, click ‘+ Add action’:

Then, choose ‘Send bot message and an app’:

Enter the message you’d like Operator to send along with your Google Calendar, and click ‘+ Add an app’:

Next, choose the ‘Google Calendar’ app:

You can choose to send meeting invitations evenly from teammates in a specific inbox using round robin, or from a specific teammate:

Note: Only teammates who have their Google calendar connected to Intercom will show up in this list.

If you choose a specific team by round robin, Operator will evenly send invitations from teammates in that team who have their Google calendar connected. 

Important: To ensure that the conversation is assigned to the same person as the invitation, you should first add a follow up action to assign the conversation to the same team by round robin:

Send the Google Calendar app in chat or post messages

To send the Google Calendar app in messages to your customers, just select ‘Insert app’ when composing your message, and the follow the steps listed above: 

Changing your availability

You can change your availability, and revoke access to your Google Calendar at any time in your meeting settings.

We added the standard GMT timezone concept to the available time slots throughout the customer journey:

  • Standard time zone visible when sending meeting invite.

  • On confirmation page.​

  • When meeting is booked, standard timezone included on the conversation notes


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