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A resource to help you plan and build custom data specs for engineering.

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Tracking custom data means Intercom can show you who your customers are and what they do in your web or mobile app. The tool at the end of this page helps you plan the events and custom attributes you’d like to track in Intercom. Just share this spec with your engineers so they can send your custom data to Intercom.

Plan your events:

You can plan the events you’d like to send to Intercom. Event data records whenever users take specific actions in your product. For example, you can track the first time users clicked on a particular page, or when they most recently purchased an item. 

Plan your custom attributes: 

You can also plan the custom attributes you’d like to send to Intercom. Custom attributes record data about your users like what plan they’re on or the number of projects they’ve created. Choose which data type each custom attribute should have: 

  • Number (e.g. the number of projects a user has created or songs they’ve uploaded, etc.) 

  • String (of letters and numbers). 

  • Unix time stamp (date - e.g. the date a user cancelled their account). 

  • Boolean (True/False - e.g. see if the user is currently on a trial).

Note: Click this image to save the planning sheet 👇

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