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Publish articles in multiple languages
Publish articles in multiple languages
Provide self-serve support to customers in their native language with a multilingual Help Center and articles.
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After configuring your help center to support multiple languages, you can translate each article into languages you support. For example, if you set your Help Center to support English and French, you’ll be able to create a version  of your articles for each language:

Once you’ve published articles with multiple languages, your Help Center will automatically detect your customers’ browser language, and show the matching article. For example, when a French visitor lands on your Help Center, they’ll see your French articles. If they’d like to see the English version, they can easily switch the language:

Add translated versions of your articles

After you compose an article in your default language, switch to the language you’d like to add a translation for:

Note: Creating translated versions of articles is optional. If an article is only relevant for customers who speak a certain language, you can simply publish one version of it in that language.

After selecting the language you’d like to write in, compose the translated version of your article. 

To add it to a collection, click ‘Edit settings’:

Then, add it to the collection and section that best suit the article: 

Note: When editing articles, collection names will display in the default language.

Important: If you translate articles within a collection, make sure you translate the name of that collection, or it won’t appear on your Help Center homepage. The articles will still be accessible in searches, and when you send them directly to customers. 

To publish the translated version of your article, click on the green 'Publish' button in the top right corner.

And that’s it. Your translated article is now published and accessible in your Help Center!

Important: Multiple people editing a single article isn't currently supported, so we recommend writing the translated versions one at a time. 👌

View the translation status of your articles

The articles list shows a color-coded status for each of your articles so you can easily see which articles need translating, those that are published, and those still in draft.

  • Green = Published.

  • Orange = Draft.

  • Clear = Missing translation.

For example, this article is published in English, has a draft in French and is missing a German translation:

To show only certain articles in the list, you can add a filter by clicking on the '+ Add filter' button.

Then, you can, for example, filter by status 'Missing translation' and language is French to see all the articles that are missing a French translation.

Keep multilingual articles private for logged-in users

With audience targeting enabled, you can set an article as private for your logged-in users. If a private article has multiple translations, all versions will be private. 

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