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Can I add multiple email addresses to one contact & manually merge duplicates?

The issue we face is that we have people contact us while logged out and they enter a different email address to the one they log in with and it creates a lead profile. Or the send us an email from a different email address. It creates them as a lead.

We can have some users with 4 different email addresses, but they're the same person representing different brands. We treat them as 1 user in our platform also.

Is there any roadmap for being able to add multiple email addresses to a contact?

Roy says: The main idea why Intercom uses a single email address, is to avoid sending duplicate messages

On the other hand, your point when customers send an e-mail and it becomes a lead makes the case a little bit different. What if customers really have 2-3 addresses and when they send an e-mail you want to identify them to quickly provide support?

It's something that Intercom should work on.

In my opinion, there should be a primary e-mail address and additional addresses. Outgoing e-mails should be sent to the primary address but Incoming emails should be linked to the same customer.

Hope someone from Intercom will see this feedback.

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