Event Limits, Troubleshooting and F.A.Q

If you run into trouble tracking events in Intercom, this article has answers to common questions.

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Troubleshooting events

There are a few questions to ask if you have trouble tracking events in Intercom:

Have I tracked more than 120 events?

You can track up to 120 active events. After that limit is exceeded any new events you try to track will not be stored and will return an error. You can archive any unused events to make way for new ones. Keeping within this limit will help reduce the noise in your workspace, making it easier for you to filter and segment users.

Am I sending duplicate events?

Each event is identified using the following data:

  • The event name

  • The created timestamp

  • The user that triggered the event

  • The workspace the user belongs to

Any two events that have the same values for those fields will be treated as the same event. As such, we don't store subsequent copies of the event after receiving the first copy.

Am I trying to track or view events on a company?

Events are only tracked at the user level. There are no company level events.

How long has it been since the event was tracked?

Events should appear in the user profile as soon as you track them, although the UI is not updated in real time, a browser refresh is required.

It can take up to 24 hours for event metadata to appear in message filters:

Am I sending nested metadata?

If you send events with nested metadata, containing multiple keys and values (like an object), the metadata will be visible in the user list, but it will not be usable in messages.

Events limits

You may actively track up to 120 events at a time. Events can be archived to avoid hitting the limit.

If you have a large number of events (even archived ones), you may see performance issues when loading the events settings page.

If the active event limit is hit, console errors will be visible in your browser when trying to to track an event with JavaScript, but there’s no error in your workspace.

The REST API has a rate limit of 1000 calls per minute, so a maximum of 1000 user actions can be tracked per minute in one workspace. If this limit is hit, the API will return an error.

With either method, if you send more than 20 pieces of event metadata they won’t be received by Intercom.

Each event can be used in up to 50 live proactive support messages. If you try to use it as a trigger for more than 50, you'll see an error: "You've reached the maximum limit of 50 triggers for event: [event name] on your live messages".

This is to reduce the risk of page latency and timeouts when matching the person against 50+ messages when the event is triggered.

What if you reach the 120 event limit, but still need to track more?

If this happens please use the Messenger to get in touch with our support team. To archive an event, go to Settings > Intercom Data > Events, click on the event you'd like to update, and when the pop-up window appears, click the "Archive" button like you see below 👇

Note: Events cannot be exported.


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