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Format your article in from the Articles editor to make it easy for customers to scan and extract the information they need. 

Format text

Just highlight your text to reveal text formatting options. You can add headings, bold text, italics, inline code, links, align text, or use AI assist Articles generator.

Editor toolbar

The Articles editor toolbar

Use the toolbar at the bottom of the editor to perform the following actions:

Insert image

Upload an image from your device or paste an image directly into an article. Click the image to add a link, alt text, align, make inline with text, or resize it.

Providing a description in the alt text makes the image accessible to search engines and screen readers.

You can also choose to wrap text around images. This will give you more flexibility to place an image anywhere you need in the article.

When uploading an image or GIF the maximum file size is 104MB.

Embed video

Embed videos via YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Loom, JWPlayer, Microsoft Stream, Brightcove, Synthesia, Synthesia or Guidde.

Click the video icon from the toolbar to embed a video from any of these supported video hosting websites by entering the video URL directly into the embed pop-up.

You can also embed YouTube Shorts in the body of an Article by inserting its URL in the following pattern:[VIDEO_ID]

Create a table

After adding a table from the toolbar it’s easy to adjust the number of columns and rows. Just hover over the dot at the end of each row or column, and you can add additional cells (above, below, left, or right), or delete them.

Deleting a table will delete all the content within that table.

To change the cell background color, select the cells and pick from one of the 6 preset colors. To reset a cell background color, select the cells and pick white (the last option on the color list).

Resize a table column width using the drag handle within.

Insert divider

Add a divider to break your content into sections.

Insert button

Insert a button and add custom button text with a target URL. Click on a button to edit the text or link, or align it (left or center).

If you need to delete the button, a link must be entered first, otherwise the delete option will default to the empty link field and it will not be able to delete the actual button.

Once you enter a link, you should be able to select the button to delete it, or hit backspace on your keyboard after placing your cursor after the button.

Insert callout

Add a callout block and select a color to help highlight important information within the article.

To escape the callout and keep writing in the main body of the article, simply click out of the callout.

To delete the callout, simply delete the content and then press backspace key on your keyboard once more.

Insert code

To add a code block, use the toolbar at the bottom of the editor or just type three backticks ( ``` ) at the start and end of your code snippet. Your finished code block will look like this:

example code block
example code block

To add inline code, type a backtick ( ` ) at the start and end of your code snippet. It will look like this:

This line contains some example inline code.

The Insert code feature is only for displaying code blocks. This code is not active so elements, styles, scripts, or tags will not have an effect on the page.

Create bulleted or numbered lists 

To start a numbered list just type '1.' and add a space, then keep typing. This will become the first line in your list and pressing return will go to the next numerical point. Numbered lists look like this:

  1. First line

  2. Second line

  3. Third line

To start a bulleted list, just type a dash ( - ) or an asterisk ( * ), and add a space at the start of a new line, then keep typing. Articles will make this line the first line in your bulleted list. Bulleted lists look like this:

  • First point

  • Second point

  • Third point

For nested lists, just press tab with your cursor on a list item. Nested lists look like this:

  • First level point

  • Another first level point

    • Nested point

      • Deeper nested point

Press return twice to end a list.

Add a collapsible section

A collapsible section can hide any auxiliary information, allowing customers to focus on the information that's relevant to them.

Add content to a collapsible section

To add content, select Collapsible Section from the toolbar and then press enter at the end of the collapsible section heading and type or paste existing information. You'll notice the content within the collapsible section will be slightly indented and aligned with the heading.

Pro tip: Use the down arrow key twice to exit the collapsible section.

Screen Capture on 2024-05-29 at 13-50-45.gif

A collapsible section can include:

  • Text

  • Image

  • Video

  • Button

  • Divider

  • Callout block

  • Code block

  • Lists

  • Nested collapsible section

Insert files

Upload and attach files to articles from your device (PDF, CSV, JPEG, PNG, MP4). These will show as attachments at the bottom of an article like this:

Image of a file attachment

Note: In the HTML of an article, the title of an article will be created with the <header> tag (not H1). It's not possible to edit the HTML format for the article titles. However, you can use an H1 header in your articles with the title name for assistive technology purposes, and then use H2s or H3s to divide the sections within the article.


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